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10 British summer activities for the family

June 17, 2019

We all deserve our summer holidays, but it’s not always easy to decide how to make the most of the sunnier months. The hustle and bustle of everyday life often means we neglect some of the small pleasures, so we’ve rounded up some family-friendly activity inspiration from physical challenges to leisurely days enjoying the outdoors.

Go kayaking

For the adventurous, physically active and up for a challenge, kayaking is a fantastic way to spend a summer’s day. From quaint lake and river locations to the open ocean, there are countless locations to explore the UK via the water. Take at a look at this National Trust round up of some of the best kayak and canoe spots in the country – be prepared for a tough upper body workout!

Take a dip in the outdoors

Open water swimming is becoming a popular activity for keen swimmers and leisurely splashers alike. Offering unique locations and the invigorating sense of experiencing outdoor swimming spots can often be found in spectacular locations.

Go hiking

Experiencing nature is well known to have relaxing, peaceful effects on the mind. On top of this, is there anything more satisfying than a well-earned, ice cold drink and a pub lunch after an afternoon spent hiking? In the UK, most of us are lucky enough to be relatively close to vast expanses of countryside with hills, moors and mountains to be explored. Unsure on the best walking spots? Here’s a list spanning the breadth and length of the British Isles.

Go cycling

If you want to take in the countryside, but walking is too much of a heavy strain, jump on a bike! You can take in the peaceful scenery as you glide by. If you’re with children, there are plenty of car-free cycle routes to explore around the UK – take a look at this round up.

Head to the seaside

It doesn’t get much more British than a brisk walk by the sea, with fish and chips on the promenade topped off with an ice cream. Trying to locate the ultimate chippy? Delve into this list: https://foodandtravel.com/travel/inspiration/the-uks-10-best-seaside-fish-and-chip-shops

Music festival

Love the vibrant festival atmosphere during the height of the summer? There are a number of boutique festival experiences available throughout the UK, many of which are family-friendly affairs. Here’s a list of some of the top small festivals.

Visit a stately home

Britain’s aristocratic heritage is stamped all over the countryside and visiting these impressive homes is a great family day out. As well as the historic architecture, these sites are often packed with activities and attractions. Explore the best spots to visit here.

Head to an open-air museum

Ever wished you could time travel? Get closer to history than ever before by immersing yourself in the preserved or recreated environments of the UK’s open-air museums.

Take a cooking course

Looking to improve your cooking skills? Always wanted to make pasta from scratch or master cake baking? A summer cooking course could take your dishes to the next level.

Crafting days out

Creative pursuits are a great way to relax and unwind, and lots of fun for the kids. Try signing up to a crafting course.

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