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10 life-enriching experiences to add to your bucket list

July 5, 2019

Experiencing life to its fullest can play a large part in our mental wellbeing and the enjoyment of the world around us. From losing ourselves in nature to plucking up the courage to try a new challenge, the UK alone has a rich variety of opportunities and areas to be explored, so we’ve pulled together a list of experiences to add to your bucket list.

Live abroad

If the opportunity arises, the chance to live abroad can be a fantastic, transformative experience. Experiencing different cultures, ways of life, and with a little bit of luck, some more pleasant weather is something which can only benefit your experience of life. Even if it’s short-term, you’ll return to the UK with memories to last a lifetime.

Go to Glastonbury

Love live music? Glastonbury Festival is the ultimate music festival, renowned the world over for its immersive, magical atmosphere and the sheer depth of art and culture on offer. It hosts some of the most well-known musical acts to weird and wonderful discoveries off the beaten track. 

Run a marathon

Exercise is one of life’s most important, yet often neglected, activities. Unfortunately, the perceived difficulty often looms in our minds and we end up putting exercise off completely. One way of building and maintaining motivation is to set goals to achieve. If you’re taking up running, build towards 10km, then if you’re hitting your stride aim for a half marathon and eventually a full marathon. The positive feeling of completing such a demanding physical feat will stick with you. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, you’ll need a suitable washing machine to take care of your gear.

Learn a language

Physical challenges are essential for our wellbeing, but a regular mental workout is also vital to us. The more opportunity we have to mentally focus on tasks with rewarding outcomes, the more satisfied we can become. Learning another a language is a fantastically rewarding skill. Whilst the learning curve may be steep, the rewards outweigh the effort when you can hold an off-the-cuff conversation on your holidays.

Perform on stage

Hold fears about your confidence and performing or speaking in front of a public audience? Most of us do, but facing up to these fears is not only the best way to defeat them, performing in public can build confidence throughout many different areas of life, from work to socialising.

Go scuba diving

If you want to open a window to a rarely explored part of the world, scuba diving is the activity for you. The calmness of exploring below the sea’s surface and the richness of life to discover is an exciting prospect. Look to European locations such as Malta, Croatia and Greece for some stunning diving locations.

Climb one of the UK’s highest mountains

The satisfaction of reaching the summit of a mountain can’t be topped by many experiences in the UK. In Britain, we’re lucky to have plenty of mountain ranges which are accessible to most people – you don’t need to be a mountaineering expert! Snowdon in Wales, Scafell Pike in the Lake District and Ben Nevis in Scotland, are the highest peaks in Britain, offering truly breath-taking views.

Visit the Highlands

We often forget how close to home the magnificent landscapes of the Scottish Highlands are. From the mountains to the sea, to the Highland Games, Loch Ness and a wee dram of whisky, venturing deep into Scotland is a rewarding, eye-opening experience. Just watch out for the midges!

See the summer solstice at Stonehenge

For a spiritual moment close to home, join gatherers overnight to mark the summer solstice and see the sun rise over the ancient prehistoric monuments. A place of worship and celebration for thousands of years, Stonehenge is renowned throughout the world as one of the UK’s best-known landmarks.

Learn how to be mindful

Paying attention to the present moment without judgment is what we hope to achieve by being mindful. It sounds simple, and to some extent it’s a simple idea, but the business and stress of everyday life regularly distracts us from enjoying the present – we often find ourselves dwelling on the past and the future. Taking time everyday to focus on your breathing will help you develop a regular practice for mindfulness, which will hopefully help you build a strong foundation for positive mental wellbeing. If you’re taking a more mindful approach to eating, the revolutionary Vision oven is the perfect appliance to help. With its WiFi-enabled touchscreen display, you’ll never be short of recipe inspiration.

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