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5 healthy back-to-school snacks to keep the kids happy

September 20, 2017

It’s that time of year again. Those who have children are adapting to life with the kids back in school, doing the school run and prepping packed lunches.

When it comes to packed lunches it can often be quite a challenge to keep things interesting, healthy and satisfying at the same time not just for the kids but adults too!

It’s easy to get into a routine of making the same old sandwiches, so here’s some great ideas for some healthy savoury and sweet alternatives.

  1. BBQ chicken skewers

A great lunch alternative to the sandwich, chicken skewers are tasty, simple to make and most importantly, healthy. The BBQ sauce adds a touch of sweet familiarity for kids, making this snack a brilliant option for the fussy eaters! For the marinade and sauce check out this great recipe, which combines some simple ingredients including honey, tomato ketchup and soy sauce.

  1. Sweet potato brownies

Brownies might sound like an indulgent treat, but with a few small changes to the ingredients you can transform them into a delicious and wholesome snack. The kids will never even notice the healthy fruit and veg goodness you’ve sneaked in! With just banana, sweet potato and a couple of other pantry staples, you’ll have these brownies rustled up in no time. There’s also the healthy bonus of no added sugar. See the full recipe and method here.

  1. Wholesome flapjacks

A brilliant way to give the kids an afternoon boost and squeeze in some important nutritional greatness – flapjack can be a great source of energy and nutrition. There are loads of ways to strike the balance between making your flapjacks sweet enough for children and sneaking in the nutritious stuff. Check out this flavour-packed recipe, which manages to pack in the goodness of banana, honey, sultanas, and more.

  1. Pitta pockets

For a quick savoury lunch, mini pitta pockets are a versatile, fun and easy option. Once you’ve popped the pittas into a toaster to warm them up, the options for fillings are open! From ham salad to tuna or hummus and roast veggies, it’s a great opportunity to pack in some wholesome goodies.

Have you got some innovative snack recipes for the kids? Share them with us on Twitter!

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