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5 hearty pie recipes

March 6, 2019

As a nation of fully-fledged pie lovers, we’ll jump at any excuse to scoff down a golden-crusted delight. Whether it’s a European-influenced, flaky-pastry version or a traditionally rich, meat and veg affair, our national appetite for pies in all their forms won’t be waning anytime soon.

Are you a traditionalist or do you like to take the adventurous route? As it’s National Pie Week, we thought we’d join the celebration and offer some of our favourite pie recipes – which pie gets your vote?

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Chicken, mushroom and leek

Homemade chicken pie sliced close-up on the table. horizontal view from above

A creamy filling and a light, puff pastry top is key to this British pub classic. This recipe is the ideal way to use roast chicken leftovers from a big Sunday dinner and uses some simple store cupboard staples. Simply fry leeks and mushrooms before adding chicken stock and double cream, then add the roast chicken, tarragon and seasoning. Add the mixture to an ovenproof dish, top with puff pastry, brush with a beaten egg and bake for half an hour. Serve with peas and homemade chips to complete the comforting pub experience.

Veggie korma

What better way to enjoy a pie than combine two of our favourite foodie staples? The korma, one of the nation’s most-loved curries, has been subjected to British influence since it arrived on these shores and morphed into the sweet and mild, but oh-so-flavoursome, curry we all know and love. Try out this recipe, packed with vegetables in a rich, coconut milk-based sauce and topped with golden, flaky pastry.

Spinach and ricotta filo

delicious golden crust hot greek spinach feta cheese pie or spanakopita cut in slices on white paper with tzatziki sauce and chickpea salad in bowl on table, authentic recipe, view from above

Here we have a delicate, Mediterranean companion to the traditional, hearty pie we enjoy in the UK. With a really simple ingredient list of onion, garlic, spinach, egg, ricotta, feta and filo pastry, you won’t have too much trouble spending a relaxed afternoon or evening rustling this one up. Fry off the onion, garlic and spinach before cooling and mixing with an egg, ricotta and feta mixture and delicately assembling the layers of pastry. Here’s the full recipe.

Classic fish pie

Recalling the British coastlines and the wealth of seafood we have an offer, the classic fish pie has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. Rather than a typical pastry casing, the fish is of course topped with mashed potato and cheese. For the filling, cod and prawns are typically included whilst smoked haddock will give it punchy flavour. This creamy, luxurious fish pie recipe is all you need.

Beef, caramelised onion and ale

The heartiest of all pies and probably the first that springs to mind when thinking of classic fillings, beef and ale pie is all about richness and depth of flavour and is sure to transport you to a cosy country pub. Adding caramelised onion adds a sweet tang which cuts through the bold savoury flavours of the beef and ale. Try out this recipe, complete with a mustard suet crust for a satisfying pie that doesn’t scrimp on turbocharging the taste.

Apple and blackberry pie

We’re not restricted to savoury pies, though! We have a great British tradition of fruit pies to draw upon for inspiration – take a look at this blackberry and apple pie recipe for the perfect late summer dessert. If you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside you could try and source some local apples and search the bramble for blackberries. Making the pie is simple enough – all you need is some sweet dessert pastry, 1kg Bramley apples, 400g blackberries, 140g caster sugar, a beaten egg and some cinnamon. Once you’ve baked your pie, it’s time to decide on the accompaniment – do you go for cream, custard or ice cream?

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