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5 ways to cut down your single-use plastic consumption

November 1, 2018

The way we use plastic and the severely detrimental impact it has on the natural world has become a hot topic in recent times. We aren’t completely helpless when it comes to changing the way we use plastic though and there are plenty of ways to limit our personal plastic footprints.

By introducing these five steps into your day-to-day routine, you can start to make improvements in the way you use plastic, cutting out a lot of its unnecessary use. As well the positive environmental impact, you’ll end up saving money along the way!

Carry a reusable water bottle

Drinking water concept. Female runner tying her shoe next to bottle of water.

Do you buy plastic bottles of water with your lunch meal deal? You’re not alone – over 35 million plastic bottles are used every day in the UK. Cut this out with a reusable water bottle. Not only will you cut down on plastic use, reusable water bottles are great way of encouraging you to stay suitably hydrated throughout the day – it’s easy to neglect your water intake on busy days!

Say no to disposable cutlery and straws

Many bars and restaurants have started to stock paper straws, but try to decline plastic straws if they are offered to you in a bar. When it comes to cutlery, it’s easy to get caught short, especially when you’re eating on the go. Try to pack cutlery from home or even purchase a handy keyring spork.

Carry a bag

Fresh vegetables healthy food concept

Plastic bag use in the UK has dropped by 85% since the 5p charge was introduced and many of us now ensure we have a shopping bag to hand when heading out to do our weekly shop. Getting into the habit of carrying a shopping bag in your regular work bag or your car is always useful for post-work trips to the supermarket.

Use your local greengrocers rather than the supermarket

Supporting your local greengrocers is a excellent way to cutdown on the excessive packaging that you usually find in supermarket fruit and vegetable sections. As well as reducing your plastic use, you’ll be supporting independent business, saving money and buying the best fresh produce.

Carry a reusable coffee cup

Huge amounts of coffee cups are thrown away every year in the UK – in the region of 2.5 billion – and only a fraction of that number is recycled. A reusable coffee cup is the answer here and the likes of Pret a Manger, Starbucks and Costa Coffee offer a discount if you bring your own cup.

The innovative new AXI dishwasher allows you to control the appliance via the Wizard app, which can help you monitor your machine’s consumption, providing a report at the end of each cycle to help you reduce water and energy usage.

Do you have any more tips for cutting down on plastic use? Be sure to share your efforts with us! For more information on our range of innovative appliances, like us Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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