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9 things to think about when choosing a vacuum cleaner

July 14, 2017

The average adult with cleaning responsibilities spends four hours and seven minutes cleaning their home every week. Time is precious, and whether you love cleaning or hate it, it’s essential to make sure your vacuum is right for you. With the abundance of options on the market it’s easy to get lost in the features and the terminology. That’s why we’re offering our expert advice on what you should consider when choosing your next vacuum cleaner.

  1. Pets & allergies

Pets, dust and pollen can cause health problems and with summer in full swing there’s some distressing months ahead for hay fever sufferers. Particles, mites and bacteria can take over upholstery quickly in older households and you need to know if yours is prone to this. With the variation in filtration technology you can tailor your filter grading to your requirements. Our pets models are all you need for tackling pet hairs and stubborn mess.

  1. Size & weight

It’s important to consider how much you can handle. If you’re going to be cleaning for a long time a heavy vacuum can cause aches and back problems but could also save time in covering larger surface areas. Manoeuvrability can be essential, if you’ve got radiators and awkward small spaces you’d have trouble with larger vacuums.

  1. Type

Tracking the jargon – Upright vacuums excel in cleaning carpet and pile by brushing and don’t require much back bending due to their size. Cylinders are better for hard floors and upholstery, they’re usually smaller and help you get to those tricky spaces.

  1. Energy usage

Being green is more important than ever, we’re fortunate in the advancement of our technology that we can keep providing eco-friendly alternatives. The cost of the tech can often be absorbed by the energy efficiency so it’s worth weighing up the balance.

  1. Bag or bagless

Dust bags are an easy and hygienic option for disposing of the waste and stop bacteria escaping but can be costly to replace. There have been significant advancements in bagless technology which means that less dust and dirt is able to escape the chambers, this makes for easier cleaning and removal. Bagless also means you can see what’s going inside so you can find anything small you clean up by accident.

  1. Capacity

A benefit of larger capacity, of course, means you don’t have to empty the vacuum often making for an easy cleaning session. If cleaning every day is your thing you’re likely to save yourself time being able to cover more ground in one go.

  1. Corded or cordless

Latest cordless technology means charging times and run time are optimized for longer cleaning sessions, our stick range starts at an affordable £69.99 with the Capsule Cordless Stick Vacuum with handheld options around £30. It’s essential to consider how much you could clean in the run-time, it’s estimated that the average person vacuums for 28 minutes each session. Thanks to retractable leads, a happy medium can also be achieved at affordable prices without the hassle of winding up wires.

  1. Extras

There’s a plethora of vacuums with extra features emerging onto the market. Handheld dust-buster and turbo-tool attachments help you get the best of both worlds and bacteria destroying UV lights make for more hygienic carpets and visibility.

  1. Value

Added extras and personalisation can be costly. Thankfully, the wide variation in vacuums means you can find the right fit for you without breaking the bank.

Here at Hoover we’re all about innovation. We’re keen to hear what you consider when buying a vacuum so we can make your buying experience as good as possible, you can find us on Twitter here.

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