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A guide to maintaining a clean and tidy home this Christmas

December 21, 2018

During the Christmas season your home will often become the base for family gatherings and festive parties, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for the most magical time of the year by cleaning and tiding different areas of your home. To make light work of this daunting task, try splitting the cleaning chores into rooms. Here’s our best Christmas cleaning tips for the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom.

Living Room

Vacuuming the carpets over Christmas is a necessary task to keep your home looking clean and fresh, The Hoover H-free vacuum cleaner is the perfect appliance for this with its ultra-lightweight body, meaning you can carry it around your home and use it effortlessly to clean high ceilings and in tight spaces.

It’s also a good idea to have your carpets cleaned before the big day when your children sit on the floor opening and playing with their presents from Father Christmas. If you have rugs, flip them over and vacuum underneath to clear away as much dust and dirt as possible.


Father Getting Turkey Out Of Oven As Multi-Generation Family Celebrate Christmas At Home Together

As the heart of the home, your kitchen will no doubt be filled with friends and family congregating to help with food and drink preparation (or just get in the way!) Here are our three top tips to keeping your kitchen hygienic and sparklingly clean.

  • Before the ‘big Christmas food shop’ clean out your fridge, removing any out-of-date food and recycle any packing where appropriate. You’re going to need a lot of space for all the Christmas ingredients alongside the essential extras like wine, tasty cheese and festive puddings.
  • Clean your oven before the big day so you are ready to cook the turkey to perfection. Cremated food in your oven will affect the taste of your Christmas dinner, produce smoke or even leave a lingering smell in your home. Use a good quality oven cleaner to get your oven looking like new and avoid any unwanted odours.


Always expect the unexpected at Christmas! It’s a good idea to have the guest bedrooms prepared just in case a family member visits at the last minute or a friend pops over for a festive drink and stays the night. Here’s how to get your guest room looking tip top:

  • Change the sheets (bonus points for Christmas themed bedding).
  • Vacuum and dust the guest room to freshen it up, which will be particularly important if you don’t tend to use this room very often.
  • Make space in the wardrobe for your guests to use, if they are staying for a few days, your guest won’t want to live out of a suitcase. If you’ve got plenty of guests visiting on Christmas Day, you’ll also need somewhere to store all their coats – spare bedrooms are often the top spot!


Your bathroom is going to be in extra use over the festive period with more guests visiting your home than usual. So, stock up on bathroom spray and cleaning products to keep your bathroom squeaky clean. For a truly fresh bathroom, try using natural ingredients such as essential oils and citrus fragrances. Take a look at our guide to using naturally brilliant cleaning products here.

The H-FREE’s multifunction cleaning system will perfectly meet the extra demands of the festive period. Manoeuvrable and light enough to clean the tightest spaces and all flooring types, it’s a cordless design that delivers enough capacity and runtime to clean the whole home before the festivities truly kick in.

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