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Activities to boost your mental wellbeing

February 7, 2019

Wellbeing can generally be defined as how people feel and function, both personally and on a social level with several impacting factors such as life satisfaction, having a sense of purpose and how in control you feel. With mental wellbeing underpinning our ability to have a full and productive life, we’ve rounded up activities that can have a positive influence on your day-to-day routine.

Arrange a day out with a friend or relative you haven’t seen for a while

Maintaining good relationships with friends, family and the wider community are all important to our mental wellbeing. Reach out to a friend or relative you haven’t seen for a while or someone you generally chat to via social media or email, to make time for each other in real life. Having strong social connections can help us feel happier and give us a greater sense of purpose.

Go for a walk

Being active is great for your physical health and fitness, and evidence shows it can also improve your mental wellbeing. Although we often think of the mind and body separately, taking part in some physical activity will have a noticeable impact on your mind. The trick is to find activities you enjoy doing and then fit them into your routine, and we don’t mean sweating in the gym for hours, even going for a fast-paced walk can help.

Book a class

Although many of us associate learning with childhood and school, research has shown that learning new skills can positively affect our wellbeing. People that continuously learn throughout their lifetime have the ability to get the most from life and greater overall satisfaction. You don’t have to take part in a professional course or qualification to reap these benefits, booking onto a cooking course, learning a language or joining a creative writing group will also help to improve confidence, self-esteem and an overall sense of achievement.

Have a chat with a co-worker and actually listen to what they say

Completing acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, can make us feel more satisfied with life and generally happier.  We’ve all felt great after giving to another person, whether that was with advice, time or skills and it is these actions that have the biggest impact on our wellbeing. Giving can take lots of different forms, something as small as asking a co-worker how they are and actually listening to their answer could offer someone a lot of support. Choosing to make small every-day actions such as this or larger commitments, like volunteering, will inevitably help us feel good.

Eat somewhere new

Do you feel like you rush through life without stopping to take it all in? We’re living in a fast-paced, career driven world of convenience where we often forget to appreciate the present, this is where mindfulness comes in. Becoming aware of what is going on inside ourselves, along with the people and environment around us, helps us reconnect with the thoughts, feelings and sensations we experience in any given moment. Taking time to notice the sensations created by the world around you on your morning commute or eating out at a new restaurant are small steps to becoming more mindful and enjoying the present.

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