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Born Innovative: The evolution of Hoover

March 14, 2018

From a box, a fan, a silk pillowcase and a broomstick, to some of the most forward-thinking technology on the planet, we’ve been at the forefront of the domestic appliances industry for over 100 years. It’s this rich heritage, as well as a passion for innovation, style and care for the home, that sets us apart. Read on to hear more about our story.

Where it started

In 1908, James Spangler, a night watchman in New Berlin, Ohio, grew tired of inhaling the dust in the shop where he worked, so set about making a simple-but-clever contraption to replace his carpet sweeper. This contraption went on to become one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 20th century. After trialling the invention with his cousin Susan Hoover, who showed it to her husband William Hoover, James sold his patent to William and production began under The Hoover Company the same year. Following a trial offered in the Saturday Evening Post, consumers soon began to see the benefits and convenience of the vacuum cleaner, and so the journey of Hoover began.

Our journey

Just one year later, William Hoover began to invest in a research and development department and a plethora of innovative features and additions followed; an electric upright in 1926 which was the first of its kind, a flexible hose in 1936 which we still see today, and many more ground-breaking innovations. In line with the company’s continual development after a halt for the war effort, the 1950s saw an evolution into vibrant colour patterns, combining style with our already-celebrated technology. With expansion into Europe, Asia and Africa well developed by this stage, Hoover was already a household name, synonymous with vacuum cleaning and the home.

Today’s landscape

Over a century of Hoover has now passed and we continue to focus on ways in which we can develop cutting-edge technology for the home, applying lessons from our past and the present customer landscape to maintain care, style and innovation in all that we do. We have developed record-breaking wi-fi enabled washing machine capacity with the Dynamic Mega, which holds up to 13kg, class 4 A energy efficiency standards in our cylinder vacuums, Dynamic Silence technology for reduced noise levels when vacuuming, and a range of forward-thinking cooking, cooling and vacuum cleaning innovations. Most notably, we have developed products which adapt to the contemporary, connected world, allowing smartphone control of a range of appliances with the Hoover Wizard App.

The future of Hoover

Moving forwards, we will continue to offer products designed to make your life easier, wherever you are in the home. Available from a wide range of stockists nationwide, you can choose Hoover products with complete confidence. Backed by our extensive aftersales service, all our appliances come with a 1-year labour and 10-year parts guarantee. Should you experience any issues, our specialist expert engineers will visit your home at your convenience and carry out the repair using genuine Hoover spare parts.

Who puts innovation at the heart of the home? Hoover that’s who.

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