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Understanding your appliance: Dishwashing

November 28, 2018

We take great pride in providing appliances which make life simpler at home, allowing you to spend less time on household chores and more time on the finer things in life. Innovation takes a central role in the development of our appliances and our approach to dishwashing is no different.

To help you understand the wealth of innovative dishwashing developments our range of appliances provide, we’ve rounded up a glossary to explain the features you’ll find on your Hoover dishwasher.


Using Artificial Intelligence, the innovative AXI dishwasher understands your voice and habits and provides bespoke solutions that guarantee outstanding washing performance and results. Fully Wi-Fi connected, you can control and manage all AXI’s functions via the Wizard App, or using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Loading flexibility up to 16 place settings

This 16-place setting dishwasher is the largest on the market. 33% bigger than a standard 12 place setting dishwasher. The extra-large basket allows you to wash up to 176 items in one wash load and is ideal for large pans.

Silent up to 41dB

The Silent Power Drive and its innovative pulse technology system ensure the lowest levels of consumption. The appliance boasts an impressively low 41dB noise level. Some models also have a NIGHT programme, so dishes can be washed at night at 40dB without disturbing your sleep.

XXL basket

The XXL lower basket can easily accommodate both standard plates and larger items such as baking trays and large pans. The basket has a patented Safety Stop feature which prevents the basket from pulling all the way out when emptying the dishwasher, therefore avoiding any accidents of dropping the basket full of crockery.

Third drawer

This dishwasher comes complete with a handy third drawer which is ideal for cooking utensils, large knives and serving spoons.

Wi-Fi functionality

Control and manage your AXI dishwasher from anywhere, selecting programmes or monitoring consumption and usage using the Hoover Wizard App, or using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Hoover Talks

With the AXI dishwasher, control your appliance using your voice with the adaptive Hoover Talks system. Launch programmes, receive updates about the machine’s status and even ask for customised advice on the best programme to use.

Guided Washing

The AXI dishwasher will suggest the appropriate programme for every load and save a list of the programmes you use most frequently, giving you quicker access to the cleaning you need.

Total Care

The height-adjustable Total Care basket is equipped with special prongs and is made from soft material designed to protect delicate items including pottery and crystal, while the XXL lower basket can handle up to 40kg of kitchenware. Utensils and smaller items can be loaded in the third basket.

Innovative multi-digit display

The informative text display disappears when the machine is not in use, for a clean, uncluttered design.

Energy efficiency A+++

This dishwasher offers A+++ energy efficiency class, giving you energy savings up to 25% more than standard A+ dishwasher.

Start delay 1-23 hours


Dynamic 24cm wide slimline dishwasher

10 place settings

Our slimline dishwasher is ideal when space is at a premium, and this dishwasher allows you to load up to 10 place settings.

Start delay

This option allows you to delay the start of the wash for three, six or nine hours.

Super eco button

The super eco button provides an average energy and time saving of 25% depending on the wash cycle. It will reduce the water intake, temperature and the drying time during the final rinse.

Energy efficiency A++

This dishwasher is extremely energy efficient and has been awarded A++ energy class, therefore saving energy and contributing to environmental benefits.

Looking to upgrade your dishwasher? Explore the full range of appliances here.

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7 ways to brighten up your home this summer

July 7, 2018

Summer’s here and it’s the perfect time to brighten up your home. Whether it’s subtle additions and accessories or a full furniture rearrangement, there’s lots to consider when trying to brighten up your home both visually and atmospherically. Here’s a few of our top tips to help you along the way:

Fabrics and furnishings

Switching up your fabrics and furnishings is an easy way to create a brighter atmosphere in your home. Think fluffy cushions, light, breezy throws and colourful table runners for a start. If you’re one for going the extra mile, bring a touch of spring into the bedroom with soft-washed cotton bed linen and fresh bedspreads. For those of you with pets in the house, our pets cordless vacuums are the perfect solution to pet hair riddled fabrics and furnishings, browse here.

Statement palette

Pastel beddings on stylish bed in white bedroom with plants

A splash of colour goes a long way to brightening up your home too, and your walls and ceiling can play a big part in this. Pastel colours are making a comeback, and there’s no time more suited to soft oranges and pinks than summer, so keep an eye out for canvases, paintings, lampshades and any kind of ornaments that might add a bright touch to your interior.

A warm welcome

First impressions are essential, creating a homely entrance will help establish the bright and breezy tones of summer both inside and outside the home. Subtle decorations elevate a doorway, and not everyone has time to paint the frame every season! Welcome mats, soft lighting and plant pots are a great start to any summer entrance, so think small, before you think big.

Natural touches

House plants are an essential in any modern home, but if you’re looking to really brighten up your interior, it’s time to consider those seasonal blooms. There’s an abundance of vibrant flowers out there, so head to your local florist and grab yourself the freshest foliage summer has to offer. Simplicity is the key here; Daffodils, Tulips and Crocus are easy to come by and take little maintenance, so find yourself a large ceramic vase and create a stylish, natural bouquet.


Multifunctional loft apartment with stylish hammock

Making the most of the natural light will breathe new life and brightness into your home, and the easiest way to do this is to ensure your furniture is placed correctly. Consider where the light comes in and which walls and fixtures help amplify the daylight and rearrange accordingly.

Wooden tones

Pay homage to mother nature and add a further dynamic to your spring interior with some wooden accessories and furniture. Wood exudes an organic feeling, perfect for creating that summer atmosphere and brightening up a room. Decorative ladders and freestanding shelving are increasingly popular and make for a perfect perch for other seasonal ornaments and flowers.

Refresh the bathroom

Don’t forget the bathroom too! The soft backdrops common in bathrooms make the perfect opportunity for some vibrant, seasonal additions. Refresh your towels and accessories with brighter, matching colours and styles and consider the above accessories to add some springtime flair. Our steam cleaners are great way to give your bathroom that like-new sparkle too, browse them here.

For more interior design inspiration, cleaning tips, product information and more, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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The ultimate guide to summer stain removal

June 25, 2018

When we think of summer, we think of adventures outdoors, ice creams by the seaside, barbecues with friends and al fresco cocktails. The summer months are a joyous part of the year, but with these seasonal activities comes the added danger of stained items of clothing. It’s a common summer mishap – midway through a summer’s barbecue, a few tipples in and you spill a glass of red wine all over your brand new shirt. It might seem like a grave situation, but all is not lost! There are a number of ways to treat stains and enable your washing machine to finish off the job. Our new AXI AI washing machine is also fantastic for providing useful tips and hints for stain removal and can be controlled using voice activation via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

From kids’ grass stains to cocktail spillages and bike chain oil smears, we’ve drawn up a comprehensive guide to summer removal.


Grass stains are a common sight on light clothing after a sunny trip to the park. Your washing machine should deal with them well, but to be sure, pre-treat the stain with a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts water then lightly scrub the stain with a toothbrush. Finally, wash in your machine with an enzyme detergent to break down the proteins.

Fruit juices

Grapefruit and rosemary cocktail

From fruit-juice packed cocktails to the stickiness of strawberries, these stains can be stubborn. For the best results, pre-treat with laundry detergent and leave to soak with detergent and white vinegar for at least 30 minutes before washing as usual.

Ice cream

Children and adults alike often fall foul of a dripping ice cream on a hot day. Use cold water and wipe the spot then apply stain remover before soaking for 30 minutes in an enzyme-based detergent.

Red wine

Red wine being poured into a stem glass at the table.

The one everyone wants to avoid! You don’t need to consider the garment a write-off and discard it though. Use a dry cloth to absorb any excess moisture before applying some salt to absorb the liquid before giving the item a hot rinse and washing as usual.

Sun lotion

Many of the ingredients and oils in sun lotions can cause staining if they’re not dry before you get dressed. Sprinkle the stain with bicarbonate of soda to absorb any oils. Rub with washing liquid, then soak in washing liquid and hot water before rinsing well and washing in a machine as normal.

Bicycle chain oil

Man bicycle mechanic repairing bicycles

On fresh grease stains, rub dishwashing liquid into the stain. Or you could try rubbing the stain with a paste made from detergent and bicarbonate of soda. Rinse well with cool water and wash as usual. For dried stains use bicarbonate of soda or talcum powder to draw the grease and oil out of the garment. Leave overnight before washing.


Scrape off excess sauce and run the fabric under cold water. Pre-treat with liquid laundry detergent and rinse. Then sponge on white vinegar and rinse. Repeat these steps a few times before putting the item into the washing machine.

Of course, these tips will help you alleviate stains, but you still need a washing machine which is up to the task of removing the toughest of stains. Who can safely handle different colours and fabrics, All-in-One? Hoover, that’s who. The clever thinking that goes into our AI WiFi washing machines makes life so much simpler. Innovative features like the Wizard app help you to choose the best programme and control your machine remotely from your Smartphone, while a time saving 49 minute All-in-One cycle means you can wash white and coloured laundry together in the same load.

Take a look at our AXI with innovative Artificial Intelligence.

For more information on our range of innovative appliances, like us Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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5 decluttering tips for a stress-free home

March 7, 2018

The seemingly-inevitable result of a busy week; clutter can take over so quickly it almost feels normal. However, although the mess might seem like the natural product of a jam-packed schedule, studies show that a cluttered home can have negative effects on our productivity and work ethic, beyond the time wasted stepping over dirty laundry and dealing with days-old washing up. Here at Hoover, we care about your personal space, that’s why we’ve compiled a few effective tips on managing, reducing and eventually saying goodbye to clutter in your home:

  1. Evaluate

The first logical step is to consider the situation, look at what you need to do and set yourself some targets. Consider how much value certain things hold; do you really need all of your old school books? It’s important to avoid getting caught up in convincing yourself to keep items that can be easily replaced; if it’s less than £10 to replace and easily sourced, is it worth keeping just in case? Once you start answering these questions, you can begin your path to a decluttered home!

  1. Eat the frog

A common method for organisation, often associated with professional time management, eating the frog, is great for tasks both at work and at home. By analysing your home and making plans to remove the larger items first, you’ll not only have surplus room for tacking the smaller tasks afterwards, it’ll make the rest seem easier too.

  1. Four boxes method

The four boxes method is a tried-and-tested formula for dealing with a cluttered home, providing an easy rationale to your approach. Simply grab 4 large boxes and allocate an outcome for each; one for things you will throw out, one for things you will donate, one for items you will put into storage, and the last for items that need a new place in the home. Dealing with clutter in this way keeps it organised and avoids making even more mess along the way.

  1. Storage solutions

Of course, there will be many items you do want to keep, some of which don’t have a defined place to live. Now consider what you need to make the most of your space; shelving, under-bed storage and drawer organisers are a good starting point. Perfect for saving floorspace in your hallway or washing room, both the Discovery and Freedom cordless sticks come with a wall mount for added organisation.

  1. Digitise

Don’t let sentimental value be your downfall. In the age of streaming and cloud connectivity, there’s no harm in reducing some clutter that can be easily digitized. Consider how much your CDs and DVDs add to your home aesthetically, and how much they take away organisationally. Burn any unneeded DVDs and CDs onto your hard drive or straight onto an online storage cloud or look into what you can stream without them, saving space for the essentials.

We hope these ideas will help you take care of your spring cleaning and if you’ve got any top decluttering tips, we’d love to hear them. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more home advice, recipe inspiration and innovative product updates.



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6 benefits of a cordless vacuum

February 9, 2018

Wondering whether or not to take that extra step into the floorcare world and buy a cordless vacuum? If you’re looking to make the transition from a traditional corded vacuum to a cordless, it’s important to understand just how much it could help you. Although the benefits may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how easy it can be to overlook some important factors. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the benefits to help you decide:


Not having to plug in can really make things easier. If you’re cleaning a large room you have the freedom to stray as far away from a plug socket as needed. You can also move freely from room to room without having to go between plugs.  If you like to do the whole house from top to bottom in one cleaning session, choose a vacuum with an extra-long runtime, such as the Sprint which can clean for up to 50 minutes before needing to recharge.


One of the most important benefits of a cordless vacuum is the comfort you’re afforded with a lightweight design. Less weight makes for a less tiring, smoother cleaning experience, and with some of our cordless vacuums weighing as little as 2.2kg, you’ll never look back.


Similar to having the autonomy to clean a large room, you can also easily vacuum areas beyond the house. Clean the car or the garage without the need for messy extension cables and the frustration of not being able to reach certain areas. If you’ve got cats or dogs, look out for cordless vacuums like the Discovery Pets that come with a motorised pets brush to loosen and lift hairs from your sofa or cushions.


Not having to plug in every time makes it easy to clean up mess as and when it appears, instead of having an arduous weekly cleaning session. Using a cordless vacuum is so quick and easy, you may well find that the other members of the family all want to have a go and help with the cleaning too!


Our range of cordless vacuums are both functional and stylish, just take a look! Picking up an attractive vacuum really can make cleaning seem like less of a chore.


Cordless means hassle and mess-free storage. Forget having to awkwardly arrange the cord to fit it into the desired space. Our Freedom 22v cordless stick vacuum comes with an attractive wall mount and tool rack, making vacuum storage easier and tidier than ever.


You can find our innovative range of cordless vacuums on our small appliances website or follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest product releases, blog posts and more.


7 super bathroom cleaning tips

January 25, 2018

Your bathroom should be a haven for all things hygiene and cleanliness, so keeping it in tip top condition is essential! However, cleaning your bathroom can be a time-consuming chore. That’s why we’ve put together a few handy things you can do to care for your bathroom.

1. Ventilation
As the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. Keep mould and mildew at bay for longer with a little ventilation. Remembering to prop the door open or turn the fan on reduces condensation, extending the time it takes for damp to build up and leave stubborn marks. Also, be sure to clean the fan regularly, once it’s blocked it can be a real pain to undo the damage.

2. Vinegar
Save your elbow grease for the other scrubbing jobs; vinegar is a versatile and powerful cleaning agent and is essential for cost-effective bathroom care. Use it to wipe down chrome for a sparkling finish, eradicate bath-side mildew with ease and clean those toilet stains in seconds.

3. Storage hacks
Keeping organised in the bathroom also aids cleanliness. Try small plastic boxes for out-of-shower toiletries, keeping things separated, dry and more hygienic. Shower organisation doesn’t have to be difficult either, hanging mesh organisers are ideal for this, they let water pass through whilst keeping the side of the bath free of dried shampoo stains and general mess.

4. Disinfectant wipes
Another preventative measure you can take is wiping things down as and when they appear. Keeping a pack of disposable multi-purpose wipes to hand means easy access to good quality cleaning whenever you need it. The disinfectant also maintains sanitation in places you might often not consider bleaching.

5. Shower maintenance
The shower or bath is the bathroom centrepiece, most of us will use it every day so it’s essential it doesn’t get dirty. Spraying your shower curtain with multi-purpose anti-bacterial spray regularly should negate any build-up of mildew and general discolouration that they’re prone to. You’d also be surprised how much dirt builds up under the shower head. Remember to remove the head and clean it out regularly too.

6. Drain cleaning
Blocked drains can be a real nightmare. A quick and easy cure for this is to sprinkle some baking soda into the plug hole and add vinegar, the reaction should start to bubble and loosen anything stuck down there. A drop of bleach and boiling water will be sure to finish the job. Caring for your drains regularly can pay off in the long run.

7. Toilet brush cleaning
Just because you use it to clean doesn’t mean it doesn’t need cleaning itself, you’ve heard the scary facts about how unhygienic a kitchen sink can be, well think about how many germs might be lurking in your brush holder! For an effective, sterile clean, simply dip and swirl the brush in a bucket of boiling water and lightly bleach occasionally to keep it fresh and hygienic.

8. Cordless vacuuming
We all know those pesky, awkward areas around the toilet or under the sink that collect dust and dirt. Well, with a cordless vacuum, not only will you have the control and precision to get to them with ease, you won’t have to plug in and drag a cord into the bathroom either. You can browse our range of cordless vacuums here to find your perfect match.

Our range of steam cleaners also make for perfect bathroom cleaning, clearing dirt from grout and tiles with ease, just ensure the cables stay clear from any water. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with our latest tips on caring for your home!

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7 quick facts about steam cleaning

July 31, 2017

Steam cleaners are wonderful things they’re adaptable and offer a sterile way to clean your home. For those new to steam cleaning there are a few things you may not know, so hopefully this blog will help you ahead of your first deep clean, as well as providing a bit of background info on steam cleaning.

  1. It’s natural and chemical-free; the combination of steam power and temperature alone is enough to break up stubborn dirt, meaning you don’t have to apply any additional chemicals. As steam evaporates quickly your surfaces will dry much faster than when cleaned with water.
  2. Always make sure you’re wearing protective clothing when using a steam cleaner! Never forget that, by its very nature, the cleaner gets very hot and will leave floors hot for a few seconds afterwards.
  3. Prepare the machine by removing its water canister and filling it with hot water, then checking that the filter is clean (if it’s not, just give it a rinse in the sink). Turning the machine on will cause the water to heat, and once a mist appears, you’ll be ready to go!
  4. You can steam clean most household surfaces, but it is essential to pay attention to the material you’re cleaning and make sure you think about how it will react to direct water and heat. We’d advise testing a small part of the surface first to see how it will respond to the process of steam cleaning.
  5. Once you’ve started, keep the machine moving and avoid applying pressure in one area for too long. This is an especially important thing to remember when cleaning surfaces such as upholstery, mattresses, curtains and carpets, as you need to make sure you don’t oversoak the fabric.
  6. A steam cleaner will also do wonders for tiles, ceramic and metal fixtures. It’s a life-saver for removing grout, mould and fungus. It also helps avoid streaks when cleaning glass and mirrors.
  7. Once the job is done, let the surface dry before disturbing it again. If you’ve cleaned around an entry-way, pop a sign on the door to make sure no one tramples all over your shiny new floor! You can also open windows to speed up the drying process.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a steam cleaner we have a fantastic selection of upright and handheld models available, have a browse of them here and follow us on Twitter for future product announcements.

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9 things to think about when choosing a vacuum cleaner

July 14, 2017

The average adult with cleaning responsibilities spends four hours and seven minutes cleaning their home every week. Time is precious, and whether you love cleaning or hate it, it’s essential to make sure your vacuum is right for you. With the abundance of options on the market it’s easy to get lost in the features and the terminology. That’s why we’re offering our expert advice on what you should consider when choosing your next vacuum cleaner.

  1. Pets & allergies

Pets, dust and pollen can cause health problems and with summer in full swing there’s some distressing months ahead for hay fever sufferers. Particles, mites and bacteria can take over upholstery quickly in older households and you need to know if yours is prone to this. With the variation in filtration technology you can tailor your filter grading to your requirements. Our pets models are all you need for tackling pet hairs and stubborn mess.

  1. Size & weight

It’s important to consider how much you can handle. If you’re going to be cleaning for a long time a heavy vacuum can cause aches and back problems but could also save time in covering larger surface areas. Manoeuvrability can be essential, if you’ve got radiators and awkward small spaces you’d have trouble with larger vacuums.

  1. Type

Tracking the jargon – Upright vacuums excel in cleaning carpet and pile by brushing and don’t require much back bending due to their size. Cylinders are better for hard floors and upholstery, they’re usually smaller and help you get to those tricky spaces.

  1. Energy usage

Being green is more important than ever, we’re fortunate in the advancement of our technology that we can keep providing eco-friendly alternatives. The cost of the tech can often be absorbed by the energy efficiency so it’s worth weighing up the balance.

  1. Bag or bagless

Dust bags are an easy and hygienic option for disposing of the waste and stop bacteria escaping but can be costly to replace. There have been significant advancements in bagless technology which means that less dust and dirt is able to escape the chambers, this makes for easier cleaning and removal. Bagless also means you can see what’s going inside so you can find anything small you clean up by accident.

  1. Capacity

A benefit of larger capacity, of course, means you don’t have to empty the vacuum often making for an easy cleaning session. If cleaning every day is your thing you’re likely to save yourself time being able to cover more ground in one go.

  1. Corded or cordless

Latest cordless technology means charging times and run time are optimized for longer cleaning sessions, our stick range starts at an affordable £69.99 with the Capsule Cordless Stick Vacuum with handheld options around £30. It’s essential to consider how much you could clean in the run-time, it’s estimated that the average person vacuums for 28 minutes each session. Thanks to retractable leads, a happy medium can also be achieved at affordable prices without the hassle of winding up wires.

  1. Extras

There’s a plethora of vacuums with extra features emerging onto the market. Handheld dust-buster and turbo-tool attachments help you get the best of both worlds and bacteria destroying UV lights make for more hygienic carpets and visibility.

  1. Value

Added extras and personalisation can be costly. Thankfully, the wide variation in vacuums means you can find the right fit for you without breaking the bank.

Here at Hoover we’re all about innovation. We’re keen to hear what you consider when buying a vacuum so we can make your buying experience as good as possible, you can find us on Twitter here.

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Tips to keep your car clean

July 14, 2017

Messy environments create a cluttered state of mind, you wouldn’t leave your kitchen in a mess and your car is just as important. If you’re driving to work, taking the kids to school or cruising around with your mates on a regular basis it can be difficult to keep the car clean. That’s why we’ve complied a few handy tips and tricks to make it easier for you.

Keep the smells at bay

There’s no point having a clean car if it smells! Along with making sure you don’t leave any foodstuffs in the car overnight it’s also worth investing in sun screens for the windows to stop your car overheating. Any slight smell will be amplified by the heat and can take a long time to dissipate.

Make your own wax

Kerosene is a cheap and easily-available petrol based liquid which makes for a great alternative car cleaning solution. Simply add a cup of kerosene to 3 gallons of water and sponge down the exterior of the car. It should leave it glimmering and gives an almost water-resistant texture, giving you greater resistance to rust.

Clean up as you go

Having a car cluttered with wrappers and bottles can get very annoying and untidy. Keeping a small but durable bag in the back and making sure you and your guests use and empty it will stop it getting on top of you. Prevention is better than the cure. Better yet, try not to eat in there in the first place!

Bird poo stain prevention

Vinegar can do wonders when cleaning bird droppings. Although it’s regarded as something of an ‘old wife’s tale’, there is a science to it as it neutralises the acid and helps loosen the stain. Toothpaste is a similar alternative for this and will remove the gritter stains below the surface, be sure to scrub carefully and you will be saved from any permanent paint damage. Soapy ‘soft’ water should do the rest!

Invest in the right kit

These classic Chamois leather cleaning cloths and sponges have stood the test of time. With some soap, water and a bit of elbow grease they’ll get your car way glossier than your everyday cleaners. Wiping down dust regularly will stop it building up. Messes should be cleaned immediately or it’s likely you’ll find a smell lingering soon after. They’re also handy for keeping the wheel, hand break and gear stick hygienic. There’s always going to be mess and dust in those places you can’t reach. An easy-use handheld vacuum will ensure your car never gets too dusty and it’s always presentable. If you use the car daily it’s worth having one in there all the time. We have a wide range of options perfect for this, you can find them here. If you’re lucky, you might even find some change that you have dropped in the past.

Organisation is key

Save space in your glove box for things that really matter. You’ll find yourself with lots more overflowing spaces and, ultimately, lots more things scattered on the floor if you don’t keep a tidy glove box. Condensing your CD collection into a CD case is one thing you can do to be pragmatic with your space. Children can make a mess in the car. You can save yourself a bit of tidying by strapping backpacks to the front seats for storing children’s games and colouring items in the back. Ideally, they’ll keep their things in there and save you time cleaning and repacking them each time you leave the car.

If you’ve got any other innovative ways to maintain your wheels of steel why not share them with us on Twitter.

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How to keep your kitchen clean: top 5 hacks

July 6, 2017

Cleaning the kitchen can be a long and tiresome task, especially during the summer months when the heat only adds to the stress of the job. Luckily, we have some quick and easy cleaning hacks that will help ensure your kitchen remains in pristine condition all year long.

  1. Steam cleaning – powerful and flexible

Steam cleaners are a highly-adaptable option for cleaning around your home, and a great alternative to traditional mops. With a steam cleaner, there is no need to repeatedly fill a bucket of water and lug it around the home with you, so cleaning up feels much less like a chore. However, what many people don’t realise is that steam cleaning also gets rid of germs which aren’t visible to the naked eye. Why not take a look at our collection of steam cleaners?

  1. Blinds – grab, swipe, repeat.

One place we’re all guilty of neglecting when it comes to the weekly chores – is the kitchen blinds. They’re very delicate and incredibly fiddly, but this little hack is guaranteed to ease the stress. Simply grab a pair of barbecue tongs, wrap a dust cloth around each tong and secure them with elastic bands. Then go crazy. Grab a blind, swipe along and repeat. It’s as easy as that. You can also spray some household cleaner on the blinds beforehand, which will help add an extra sparkle to the finished product.

  1. Tops of cabinets – one final clean…

Over the course of a couple of months high surfaces can become greasy and dust bunnies can form, meaning that even the smallest gust of wind could blow all that muck onto your kitchen worktop. So, by following these simple steps, you will only have to deep clean the top of your fridge and cupboards once – and never again. Just wipe them down with some antibacterial wipes, dry them off, take a cutting of cling film or wax paper the same depth as the surface and let it sit. It will collect dirt and then every month or two just replace the paper – easy, right?

  1. Coconut oil – it isn’t just for cooking!

Coconut oil can prevent dust, remove chewing gum, unstick a zipper and, among other things, maintain healthy guitar strings! However, in this blog we’ll be highlighting how coconut oil can save the day when it comes to cleaning the kitchen. If you have a collection of oven safe iron pots, pans and skillets, then you can encourage the seasoning of your products by rubbing a thin layer of coconut oil on every part of the pan. Set your oven to 200°C and let the pans sit for approximately one hour. You can even rub coconut oil into wooden work tops, cutting boards and utensils to sanitize them without using chemicals.

  1. Drains – bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are the perfect pairing!

Mixing these two household items makes cleaning the drains so much simpler and this is how it’s done. Pour hot water down the drain, followed by ½ cup of bicarbonate of soda and then, after a minute or two, add 1 cup of vinegar and another cup of hot water. Cover with a plug so that the reaction happens below the drain surface and let it work its magic for about 5-10 minutes. The volcanic-like reaction will dislodge any sludge that’s left in the drain leaving the hot water to flush it all away. Keep on top of your drains by doing this once every few weeks to ensure your pipes remain in perfect condition.

Share your innovative kitchen cleaning hacks with us by following us on Twitter.