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How to grow herbs and vegetables at home

May 14, 2019

Can you think of anything more satisfying than enjoying a meal with ingredients you’ve grown yourself? Whether you have a spacious garden or have limited space in an apartment, it’s possible for us all to grow our own vegetables. From low maintenance herbs to consecutive potato crops, you can become a gifted grower in no time.



Pot: 6-inch clay pot
Soil: Well-draining potting soil that is pre-moistened

Chives’ versatility makes them the perfect herb to have on hand in the kitchen. They require around six to eight hours of full sunlight, so growing them on a south-facing windowsill is ideal. Chives also love company, so surrounding them with other indoor foliage will increase humidity and allow them to thrive. If you can’t offer your chives enough natural light, don’t worry, as a 6-12 inch fluorescent fixture with two 40-watt bulbs can provide what’s necessary. You can begin to harvest chives once the leaves are at least 6 inches tall, cutting these down to 1-2 inches will encourage regrowth.


Pot: A wide container with adequate drainage

Soil: Moderately rich potting mix

Mint can grow happily in the garden or indoors and is a fragrant delight to have in the kitchen. Complementing a wide variety of food and drink, it’s a fun and easy herb to grow. A window with indirect light is preferable, with moist but not overly wet soil, are ideal growing conditions for mint. As the plant often grows towards the light, rotation every 4-5 days is recommended. You can maintain your mint with regular pruning, as soon as leaves come to fruition they can be harvested, with young leaves having more flavour than older ones.


Pot: A pot slightly larger than 8 inches, with drainage holes and a saucer.

Soil: Seed starting soil mix


There are several types of lettuce that are more suited to being grown indoors; Garden Babies, Merlot, Baby Oakleaf, and Lollo Rosa. Placing them in a space that gets 12 hours of bright light each day, such as perched in front of a south-facing window is ideal if this is unachievable in your home investing in table top grow lights is advised as these are perfect for growing smaller vegetables, such as lettuce. Mist your seeds daily until they sprout, then ensure soil is constantly moist – not overly saturated or too dry. If your plant is in a particularly warm spot or there is visible wilting your lettuce will need some extra hydration. 30-45 days after planting, you should be ready for your first harvest!



If you’re a pesto lover, basil is a must-have home-grown herb! Whether it’s Sweet, Purple, Lemon or Thai basil, the most important thing to remember is this herb only grows during the height of summer – once the frost has past and the soil is warm (around June). Scatter your seeds over your chosen location and water frequently, once these begin to germinate spread them to 6 inches apart. The more basil is harvested, the more it grows. Pinch the stem off directly above where leaves have grown, this will encourage two new stems to grow and your plant will become large and abundant. Once flowers begin to grow, this can reduce the leaves flavour, cut all flowers off to help direct the plant’s energy to the foliage and maintain the authentic taste that can complement almost any Italian dish.


If you’re lucky enough to have a larger garden, you can grow potatoes with just a few essential elements; potato starts (or those potatoes you forgot about that have started sprouting will work just fine), a shovel, garden soil, water and sunlight. For a single potato plant dig a 3-inch hole, if you’re feeling more adventurous create straight, well-spaced rows with each potato start placed 12 inches apart. There are 5 types of potato crop through-out the year based on planting dates, you can find out more about these here.


Courgettes can be sown directly into soil enriched with manure or compost from late-May to early summer. If your soil is heavy and fertile, this won’t require additional feeding, however sandy or light soil should be topped up regularly with liquid feed. It is essential to water your courgettes regularly, especially when they are in flower. As a rule of thumb harvest your vegetables when they’re 10cm, at least three times a week during the height of the season to keep the plants productive.

To ensure maximum freshness, vegetables such as lettuce and courgette should be stored in the fridgeDesigned to keep food fresher and help to reduce food waste, the innovative AXI refrigerator is our first-ever truly intelligent Food Manager. Using Artificial Intelligence, it puts you in complete control of everything you store and provides a bespoke experience to help you to reduce food waste by keeping track of when items are past their best. Fully Wi-Fi connected, you can also control and manage all AXI’s functions via the Wizard App.

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Inspiration, Tips and tricks

8 key tips for stressbusting

April 18, 2019

Although stress can be beneficial in certain situations such as helping us complete a task efficiently, meeting deadlines or excelling in sports, too much stress in our everyday lives can be detrimental to our wellbeing. With the line between work and life becoming increasingly blurred, the idea of a work-life balance in the current always-on culture seems less of a reality than ever before. This, combined with managing finances, health concerns, maintaining some form of social life and adult life are small stress triggers that easily accumulate, taking a toll on us both emotionally and physically in the long-term. Follow the tips below to help manage life’s everyday stresses.

Go outdoors

Making time to go outdoors can significantly lower stress. Something as simple as sitting outside in the sun for 5 minutes or walking through your nearest park can help to relax you in a way that a bustling city environment can’t. With too much stimulation at once (social media, emails, people) our brains can feel overwhelmed and constantly on the go, whereas nature helps to capture our attention in a gentle way making us more relaxed.

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is fundamental to our health and wellbeing, having a direct impact on our stress levels. It’s easy to feel overcome by your problems when you’re feeling tired, so making the time to have a good night’s rest is one of the most important steps to take when stress busting. Unfortunately, stress can also impact the quality of sleep we get, if you’re struggling to sleep and overthinking at bedtime you may want to consider meditation, breathing exercises or visiting your GP if the problem persists.


Exercise encourages a healthy body and mind, so is a superb stress buster! If you are struggling to understand where exercise would fit into your routine, just remember you don’t have to run miles every day. Something as simple as an after-work swim or going for a couple of brisk 10-minute walks each week can make you think more about your body’s movements and park the problems of that day – the endorphins released during exercise are also a natural mood improver.

Connect with people

Building a strong network of family, friends and colleagues that you feel comfortable and safe to discuss issues with can significantly help decrease stress levels. Without these connections, it’s hard to find somewhere to vent about the day’s stresses, whether that be work, finances or relationships. Having people to share problems with often brings new solutions, self-confidence to deal with said issues as well as just having people to relax with.

Have some ‘me time’

In the modern age, it can be easy to be tuned into work 24/7. With the introduction of smartphones and social media, the always-on culture of today often means we prioritise work over making time for ourselves, but this can have a detrimental effect on stress and general wellbeing. It’s important to make time for yourself – this could be as simple as taking one night a week from your schedule to take part in something you really enjoy; sports, music, film. ‘Me time’ could even count as taking 5 minutes out of your day to enjoy a cuppa.

Listen to music

Listening to music has been proven to reduce stress in many ways both physically and emotionally. Research shows it helps to slow your pulse and heart rate, lower blood pressure and decrease levels of stress hormones. Classical music is tipped to be the most calming of all but if you don’t class yourself as a classical fan, singing along to your all-time favourites can provide a great release of tension.

Help others

Helping other people has been proven to reduce stress and increase happiness. Through focussing on the problems of others, it can put your own issues into perspective. It may be hard to fit volunteering into your schedule but even small acts of kindness such as buying a co-worker a coffee, baking a cake for your family or donating small change to charity can help boost your wellbeing and lower stress.

Avoid bad habits

During our most stressful times, it’s easy to turn to alcohol, smoking and caffeine as avoidance mechanisms. However, these will only help you feel good in the short-term and not actually help to solve your problems. Instead, try to implement the tips above, stop thinking about the things you can’t change and focus on the things you can control in a situation.

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5 examples of everyday mindfulness

March 5, 2019

The complexities of the modern world can often be a burden on our mental health. The Mental Health Foundation’s 2018 study found that in the past year, 74% of people surveyed have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.

In order to deal with stress and build resilience to stressful situations it’s important to gain an understanding of the proactive ways in which we can build the foundations of positive mental wellbeing. One method cited by the NHS, which could reap positive benefits for many of us, is what is commonly referred to as mindfulness. You may have heard about mindfulness in the news, but what exactly does it mean?

Mindfulness is the process of paying more attention to the present moment, to the world around us, and to our thoughts and feelings, and using this practice to improve our mental wellbeing. It allows us to enjoy the everyday world, gain a better understanding of ourselves and become more in tune to when we may be suffering from stress.

So, how can we become more mindful in practice?

Watch your thoughts

Take a moment to pause and take stock of your thoughts, how you’re feeling and remember that mindfulness isn’t about forcing unwanted, negative thoughts away. Rather it’s about acknowledging these thoughts and watching them as they come and go.

Stop and tune in to the environment around you

A hiker and their dog walking along a wet dirt track at sunset in the English Countryside. Edmondbyres Common.

Wherever you are, stopping and tuning into your environment can be beneficial. We very easily fall into ‘auto-pilot’, especially when life is particularly busy and stressful, and this is when we don’t recognise when we might need to take positive action. These may seem like small actions, but they’re important in interrupting routines which may be detrimental to our wellbeing. Next time the weather is pleasant, take a moment to enjoy the sunshine and a clear blue sky.

Pause before responding in a conversation

It’s easy to start formulating what you’re going to say in response to people in conversations, rather than really listening and absorbing what they have to say. Taking a moment to give a considered response is a fantastic way of being fully engaged and giving the person talking to you full attention. The give and take of a mindful conversation can help leave both parties feeling enriched.

Walk or cycle instead of driving

Where possible, try walking or cycling all or part of the way to work on a pleasant day. Along with the added exercise benefits, you can break from routine, give yourself some new perspective and allow some time to observe your thoughts. Fresh approaches to kick off the day can also give you a sense of positive satisfaction throughout the rest of the day.


Exercise ties into mindfulness neatly whilst also providing a wealth of physical benefits which support our mental wellbeing. As this article explains, “in the midst of a run, you are likely to be immersed in the present moment, tuned into your bodily state, and conscious of your breath. These are all key aims of mindfulness-based practices.” Physical activity can empower you to feel strong and capable mentally, alongside burning calories and building up fitness. A few simple steps to remember when exercising will help ensure you can add mindfulness into the equation.

  • Clarify your aim
  • Warm up
  • Settle into a steady rhythm
  • Push yourself
  • Cool down
  • Rest

Our innovative selection of appliances is geared towards making life easier by simplifying everyday home tasks and chores. Busy, stressful lives are the main barrier to mindfulness and positive mental wellbeing, any ways to help make everyday tasks simpler is a real benefit. Our appliances are developed with innovative new technology to help free up time for the more important aspects of your life. From our revolutionary Vision oven with touch-screen interface, to the Artificial Intelligence-powered AXI appliances and the powerful, lightweight H-Free vacuum cleaner, we can make life easier for you every step of the way.

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How to maintain exercise motivation throughout 2019

January 24, 2019

New year, new exercise routine? Although we start the year with great intentions, it’s not to long until our enthusiasm wavers. No matter how difficult it seems, it can be quite simple to stay focussed and ensure this healthy lifestyle isn’t just a January phase. Follow the tips below to maintain motivation all year round.

Get a workout buddy

Working out with a friend has plenty of benefits. You’re less likely to cancel a workout if you’ve scheduled it with a friend, you’ll get support to work harder and it just makes it more fun. If heading to the gym for the first time or joining a new team, going with a friend can also relieve some of those first-time nerves.

Dress the part

Buy yourself some new training kit, whether it’s a pair of trainers or some leggings. This will help you feel more confident and positive about keeping fit. If you’ve planned a workout, but you’re feeling particularly unmotivated, get changed into your sports clothes anyway as this will give you an extra nudge to go out and exercise.

Set goals

Setting goals, both long and short term, will help you stay focused. These could range from extending your workouts from 45 minutes to 1 hour within the next 3 months, taking part in a 10k run or trying a new activity every month. Choose something realistic that you will enjoy working towards, as this is what will keep you focussed.

Think about how you feel

Along with the health benefits and aesthetic changes that come with keeping fit, it also makes you feel good. Research has shown that exercise can help you sleep better, increase happiness and reduce stress. We all have those days where we get home from work and can’t think of anything worse than exercising, but have you ever gone for a workout and regretted it?

Listen to music

Listening to music while working out can help keep you motivated in several ways – elevating your mood, getting you “in the zone” and ultimately making you work harder. Science has shown that we relate songs to certain emotions and memories, so pop on something that inspires you as this can help to improve physical performance.

Reward yourself

If you’re seeing results, achieving your goals or just working hard at maintaining your lifestyle changes, it’s okay to have a reward! Putting too much pressure on yourself and being overly restrictive can lead to a lack of motivation, so make sure you treat yourself to the things you enjoy every now and again.

Remember why

If you’re really struggling to stay focused after the “new year, new me” hype has fizzled out, ask yourself why you were exercising in the first place and why this is important to you? Remember this reason and think about it on the days you don’t want to leave the sofa for an extra boost in motivation!

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Healthy food staples to stock up on in the New Year

January 24, 2019

Kicking off the New Year with a list of resolutions to get fit and to eat more healthily can be motivating at first, but we all know how difficult it can be to keep up with our goals throughout the year. According to research, a quarter of people failed to keep to any of their New Year’s resolutions in 2017.

Whilst we naturally lapse from time to time, maintaining motivation and achieving goals requires planning to make the task at hand easier. So, when vowing to eat more healthily, having a staple list of ingredients for the weekly shopping list, whilst also understanding their nutritional benefits, is a fantastic way to help you maintain a healthy diet in the long run.

Ensuring these ingredients are central to your shopping list will serve as a foundation to your healthy eating plans throughout 2019.

And with your fridge stocked full of these fresh, healthy ingredients, you’ll benefit from a suitably forward-thinking appliance. Designed to keep food fresher and help to reduce food waste, the innovative AXI refrigerator is our first-ever truly intelligent Food Manager. Using Artificial Intelligence, it puts you in complete control of everything you store and provides a bespoke experience to help you to reduce food waste by letting you know when items are past their best. Fully Wi-Fi connected, you can also control and manage all AXI’s functions via the Wizard App.

Oily fish

As fantastic sources of protein, Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, fish such as tuna, mackerel and salmon should be a regular part of our diet. The star nutrients in oily fish are the omega-3 fatty acids which protect the heart by reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure and lowering triglyceride levels. Take a look at these heart-healthy fish recipes.


Versatile and packed full of protein and fibre, the likes of chickpeas, kidney beans, cannellini beans and butter beans are essential kitchen cupboard staples. Bean stews are great for hearty winter dishes, whilst you can also try making homemade hummus, which will be healthier than shop-bought versions often high in fat and salt.

Leafy greens

Kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, rocket, Swiss chard – these greens are full of fibre, antioxidants and minerals such as iron and calcium. Just add them to salads, sandwiches, soups and stews for an added nutritional boost.

Fresh herbs

Whilst fresh herbs contain antioxidants, their versatile, punchy and fragrant flavours will help you elevate even the most humble ingredients. Coriander, parsley, thyme, dill, sage, rosemary, mint and basil are key herbs suited to a wide range of cuisines – keep them in the crisper drawer of your fridge or you can pre-prepare by adding them to an ice cube tray, filling the tray with olive oil and storing in the freezer.

Salad vegetables

Fresh, versatile vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce should always be stocked in the fridge, perfect for providing texture and flavour sandwiches, salads and more.


The perfect everyday fruit, bananas are ideal when you’re craving a sweet hit and you’d usually find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar. They can also be added to smoothies, natural yoghurt or peanut butter on toast to tackle those sweet cravings. Take a look at these banana smoothie recipes.

Extra virgin olive oil

The Mediterranean diet is often heralded as one of the healthiest in the world, with its emphasis on fresh fish, vegetables and lower quantities of red meat. One of the central ingredients to this Mediterranean diet is extra virgin oil, which you’ll find in almost every recipe. Olive oil’s monounsaturated fat content is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease, whilst containing antioxidants which reduce oxidative stress throughout the body. Here’s the NHS guide to the Mediterranean diet.


One of the best breakfast cereal options, porridge oats are closely linked to lowering cholesterol, the risk of colorectal cancer, lowering blood pressure and controlling cravings because of its slow-release energy fuelling you throughout the morning. If the idea of a traditional bowl of porridge doesn’t appeal to you, try a Bircher with fruit, nuts and yoghurt.

Natural yoghurt

The lactic bacteria in natural yoghurt is well known for its health benefits, which include immune system support, lower body fat, protection against food poisoning bugs and stronger bones. Yoghurt also providing tackles cravings with its appetite-satisfying proteins.


No cupboard would be complete without a jar of pure honey. Spread it on wholegrain toast, add it fruit and yoghurt, sweeten porridge and even add it to savoury sauces, especially in South East Asian cooking, and reap the nutritional rewards.

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The complete Christmas day checklist

December 5, 2018

The big day has arrived, the presents have been wrapped, Father Christmas has visited, and the festivities have begun, now all that is left to do is to cook the Christmas dinner. This helpful checklist make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible.


The star of the show. This needs to be the first thing in your oven once you wake up (or have been woken up!) Place the seasoned turkey in a roasting tin along with carrots and onions (breast side down), after around 15 minutes turn the turkey breast side up and roast for the appropriate time. Make sure you keep the turkey juices to one side to make your own, flavour-packed gravy. Here’s a fantastic recipe featuring stuffing and gravy. When it comes to Christmas cooking, we need all the help we can get, so alongside all the extra pairs of hands, the Vision oven is fully equipped to lighten the load. Its integrated door camera ensures you can keep one eye on your roasting whilst prepping and entertaining!

Cranberry sauce and gravy

Why not put a spin on traditional Christmas sauces and add some liqueur and spices to the mix? Adding sherry or madeira to your turkey juices makes for a rich and flavourful gravy – the perfect complement to your festive dinner.

Cranberry sauce is also a staple in many families’ Christmas dinners, but this tip will make your sauce the talk of the table. Adding in a splash (or more) of wine and some chopped chillies will provide an unexpectedly rich kick to a simple homemade cranberry sauce. After simmering your cranberries, wine, chillies and sugar together until it reaches a jam consistency, season with salt for a truly scrumptious cranberry sauce.


What’s Christmas dinner without all the trimmings? Stuffing is an easy side dish to prepare ahead of time and then place in the oven on the day for a hassle-free crowd pleaser. Why not use Hoovers Vision oven to look up the best stuffing recipes for the whole family, and its integrated HD camera will allow you to check on every aspect of your dinner whilst it’s in the oven without opening the oven door.

Brussels sprouts

No Christmas dinner is complete without a bowl of Brussels sprouts which everyone tries to avoid! This recipe however will get everyone fighting over it. Shred your brussels sprouts, chop your onion and grab your lardons. Fry the lardons until golden, place on a paper towel to drain and add your onions and salt to the pan and cook until tender or until they are browned. Then add your bacon back into your mix along with the shredded brussels sprouts for 5 minutes and serve right away.

Roast potatoes

Peel, chop and boil your potatoes on Christmas eve to cut down the preparation and give you more time to enjoy the day amidst the cooking frenzy. Of course, the crispier the better so for the most amazing roast potatoes heat up the goose fat in a roasting tin before you put the par-boiled potatoes into the pan. Top tip: rough up the edges of the potatoes slightly to give them extra crispiness.


This part is all up to you, honey roast parsnips, carrots, peas, broccoli, red cabbage and many more make a great addition to any Christmas dinner just make sure you peel and chop all the veg before the big day to have one less thing to worry about.

Don’t forget about the washing up! Hoover’s AXI dishwasher can help save loads of time on the washing up, after all the scrumptious food has been devoured its time to load all the dishes into the dishwasher. Hoover’s innovative design allows for up to 16 place settings to fit so it’s perfect for Christmas for even the biggest of families.

We’ve covered the essentials, but the list of Christmas Day supplies can be a daunting prospect. You’ve got to think starters, desserts, cheese boards, snacks – there’s a lot to forget! This comprehensive Christmas Day list should help you make sense of it all!

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4 comforting winter dishes

December 5, 2018

What’s your favourite thing about the autumn months? Leisurely country walks on a Sunday, pub lunches, collecting conkers with the kids… whilst the weather may take a cool turn, there’s still plenty to enjoy throughout this transitional season.

One of our favourite things about moving into the autumn and winter months is our adapting food habits. The fresh, cool salads and vibrant Mediterranean dishes start to take a back seat, and in come the hearty pies, stews and root vegetables, packed with deeply warming textures, colours and flavours to reflect the autumnal shift.


Lamb tagine

Delve into the colourful, punchy-flavoured world of North African cuisine with a lamb tagine. Moroccan cuisine is characterised by richly-spiced marriages of sweet and savoury spices alongside grains such as couscous. The perfect one-pot for family nights in, you’ll need good quality lamb from the butchers, tomatoes, stock, onion, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, paprika, turmeric, prunes or apricots, chickpeas and lemon juice.

This simple recipe can be made in advance and heated up for those comfy Friday nights in. First heat the oil in a deep casserole dish, then add the onions once they have begun to colour add in the spices and garlic. In the same casserole dish add in your cubed lamb for 5 minutes, then add in your chopped tomatoes, prunes or apricots, lamb stock and a pinch of sugar. Add in 100ml of water and simmer for 3 hours, stirring often. For the last 30 mins stir in the chickpeas and lemon juice and season to taste.


Cottage pie

Comfort food doesn’t get much better than the hearty family favourite – cottage pie. This classic British dish is perfect for the colder nights and is a simple dish that all the family can enjoy. All you need for this recipe is a large onion, diced carrots, good quality minced beef, tomato puree, plain flour, red wine, fresh thyme, beef stock, frozen peas, Worcestershire sauce, potatoes, butter and milk. In a large frying pan heat the oil and then add in your diced onion until they start to brown, then add your diced carrots and stir. Brown your mince in the same pan and cook thoroughly, then add tomato puree and flour and stir through, pour in the red wine and add the thyme.

Once you have added the stock simmer for 45 minutes then turn the heat down and add in your peas and Worcestershire sauce to taste and keep warm. Meanwhile boil your potatoes in a large pan for around 12-15 minutes until tender. Drain the potatoes, add the butter and milk and mash until smooth. Place the mince onto the bottom of a baking dish and spoon the mash onto the top. Grill for 8 mins or until golden brown, serve whilst hot.


Roast vegetable tart

This colourful meat-free tart is ideal for a family lunch or served cold for an autumnal picnic. Packed full of flavour and served on flaky filo pastry it makes for a lighter option this autumn/winter. You will need sliced aubergine and courgette, chunky wedges of red onion, cubed sweet potato, ready to roll filo pastry, red or green pesto, cherry tomatoes chopped in half, feta cheese, oregano and balsamic vinegar. Pre-heat your oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7, place your cubed sweet potato in a large baking tray and season, roast for 10-15 minutes or until soft.

Meanwhile heat a griddle pan with oil and char the sliced aubergine, courgette and onions, add more oil if you need to. Remove the potato from the oven. Place the filo pastry onto a baking tray, brush the pastry with pesto leaving a 2cm gap around the edge, arrange the veg on the top, add the chopped tomatoes and crumble the feta before sprinkling with oregano and placing into the oven for 20 mins or until crispy and golden. Serve with a mixed salad.


Pear and berry crumble

Made with British pears and mixed berries this sweet treat is delicious served with ice cream, crème fraiche or custard after a hearty meal. Make it into individual deserts or one big one for everyone to dig into. To make this desert you will need ripened English pears which are peeled and cubed, thawed mixed berries, lemon juice, golden caster sugar, mixed spice, flour, oats, light brown sugar, chopped walnuts, a pinch of salt and cold cubed butter.

First toss the cubed pears and mixed berries with the lemon juice, sugar and mixed spice until coated, place the fruit at the bottom of a greased baking dish. Meanwhile to make the crumble topping, in a bowl combine flour, oats, brown sugar, walnuts and salt. Then with your fingers rub the cold butter into the mixture and form clumps, place this into the freezer for 10 mins then sprinkle on top of the prepared fruit and bake for 30-40 mins until the fruit is soft and the crumble is golden brown. Serve warm with custard, ice cream or crème fraiche.

As each of these wholesome recipes requires an oven, Hoover Vision is the perfect companion, allowing you store your favourite recipes or browse the internet for new ones. Hoover Vision is also equipped with an integrated HD camera meaning cooking can be monitored remotely via a tablet or smartphone through the Hoover Wizard app thanks to the Hoover innovative connected technology. Learn more about Vision’s innovative capabilities here.

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Christmas dishes from around the world

November 29, 2018

Cool, dark evenings and the sparkle of Christmas lights signal the beginning of the festive season and for a month or so we can enjoy the building anticipation, the festive markets and the warmth of spending time with family and friends. For most of us, food is at the heart of all things festive, from specials in the sandwich shops and bakeries to the Christmas Day feasts, the cheeseboards, chocolates and leftover turkey sandwiches. It wouldn’t be the same without the indulgence.

We’re all used to roast turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets and a hearty pile of vegetables, it’s easy to forget that round the globe people enjoy a host of delicacies, some familiar and some completely removed from the festive feasts we enjoy.

If you’re looking for some new culinary ideas to give your Christmas dinner a twist, we’ve taken a quick tour round the globe to give you a glimpse of how families enjoy their festive meals.


Italy – Panettone

Originally from the northern city of Milan, panettone is a sweet bread loaf enjoyed at Christmas by many Italians. Its popularity has even seen it enjoyed in Western and Southern Europe as well as parts of Africa. Panettone typically contains candied orange, lemon zest and raisins, and is often accompanied by sweet wine or served with a mascarpone cream. If you really want to impress friends and family, then you’ll need to draw on your best baking skills to create this fluffy, light sweetbread. If you fancy taking the plunge, take a look at this recipe.


Sweden – Julskinka

In Sweden, buffet banquets to rival the hungriest of British families are the norm at Christmas. The traditional ‘julbord’ is a packed table full of Scandi delicacies, from the area’s renowned meatballs to pickled herring and ‘Risgrynsgröt’, a sweet rice pudding. The essential centrepiece, however, is the Christmas ham or ‘julskinka’. The ham is traditionally boiled to maintain a tender texture before being coated in a sweet and savoury mustard breadcrumb and baked until the coating is golden. Take a look at this simple recipe if you’d like to substitute the Christmas turkey this year.


Germany – Roast goose

Those of us enjoying Christmas markets in the UK can thank Germany for the influence – the historic centres of every major German city are transformed by the Christmas markets each year, a tradition which dates back to the 15th century. Whilst you might have enjoyed strudel or Glühwein at the markets, you may not be as up to speed with the German Christmas dinner at home. Roast goose, or sometimes duck, is typically the preferred choice of meat in Germany, accompanied by a hearty side of dumplings, red cabbage and stewed kale.


France – Bûche de Noël

Historically, the custom of burning the Yule log was commonplace throughout Europe. Many French families would bring a large wooden log into the house and burn it over the twelve days of Christmas, but by the 1940s this tradition had died out and been replaced by the ‘bûche de Noël’ chocolate log cake. Usually made from a genoise sponge and chocolate buttercream, plenty of additional touches tend to be added, from icing sugar, cream to raspberries, chocolate ganache and dashes of booze like this recipe.


Brazil – Bacalhau

Brazil’s melting pot of colours and its southern hemisphere climate have come together over the years to create quite a different Christmas experience to the one we enjoy in the UK. Despite the warmer temperature and the Iberian cultural influence felt throughout the country, Brazilians enjoy a roast turkey as the centrepiece of their festive meal, although it’s typically served with white rice and walnuts. Alongside the turkey, the other Christmas mainstay is ‘bacalhau’, which is dried and salted cod usually served with eggs, peppers, potatoes, onions and olives. If you’d like to take an adventurous turn in your Christmas dinner prep, here’s a traditional bacalhau recipe.


Philippines – Lechón

As a former Spanish colony, the Philippines has inherited lechón as a prized national dish. Lechón is whole roasted suckling pig and is prepared for many special occasions in the Philippines, including Christmas, where it stands as the grand focal point of the feast. The cooking method, slow rotisserie roasting in a charcoal pit, gives a unique flavour and distinctively crispy skin. Whilst a whole pig certainly isn’t a practical option, cooking pork belly in the Philippino style is a fantastic alternative to the standard British turkey.

You’ll no doubt be stocking up on plenty of food and drink this festive season – make sure it’s all suitably chilled with the innovative AXI fridge-freezer.

With this diverse range of recipes to have a go at, you’ll need to an innovative oven which is up to the Christmas challenge. The Hoover Vision oven has a 19” touch screen interface for simple use, an integrated HD door camera to monitor the progress of your food and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can monitor food on the Wizard app.

And finally, after all the festivities, merriment and the never-ending piles of pots and pans the AXI dishwasher with its extra-large basket allows you to wash up to 176 items in one wash load, giving you more time to spend with your family.

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Understanding your appliance: Dishwashing

November 28, 2018

We take great pride in providing appliances which make life simpler at home, allowing you to spend less time on household chores and more time on the finer things in life. Innovation takes a central role in the development of our appliances and our approach to dishwashing is no different.

To help you understand the wealth of innovative dishwashing developments our range of appliances provide, we’ve rounded up a glossary to explain the features you’ll find on your Hoover dishwasher.


Using Artificial Intelligence, the innovative AXI dishwasher understands your voice and habits and provides bespoke solutions that guarantee outstanding washing performance and results. Fully Wi-Fi connected, you can control and manage all AXI’s functions via the Wizard App, or using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Loading flexibility up to 16 place settings

This 16-place setting dishwasher is the largest on the market. 33% bigger than a standard 12 place setting dishwasher. The extra-large basket allows you to wash up to 176 items in one wash load and is ideal for large pans.

Silent up to 41dB

The Silent Power Drive and its innovative pulse technology system ensure the lowest levels of consumption. The appliance boasts an impressively low 41dB noise level. Some models also have a NIGHT programme, so dishes can be washed at night at 40dB without disturbing your sleep.

XXL basket

The XXL lower basket can easily accommodate both standard plates and larger items such as baking trays and large pans. The basket has a patented Safety Stop feature which prevents the basket from pulling all the way out when emptying the dishwasher, therefore avoiding any accidents of dropping the basket full of crockery.

Third drawer

This dishwasher comes complete with a handy third drawer which is ideal for cooking utensils, large knives and serving spoons.

Wi-Fi functionality

Control and manage your AXI dishwasher from anywhere, selecting programmes or monitoring consumption and usage using the Hoover Wizard App, or using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Hoover Talks

With the AXI dishwasher, control your appliance using your voice with the adaptive Hoover Talks system. Launch programmes, receive updates about the machine’s status and even ask for customised advice on the best programme to use.

Guided Washing

The AXI dishwasher will suggest the appropriate programme for every load and save a list of the programmes you use most frequently, giving you quicker access to the cleaning you need.

Total Care

The height-adjustable Total Care basket is equipped with special prongs and is made from soft material designed to protect delicate items including pottery and crystal, while the XXL lower basket can handle up to 40kg of kitchenware. Utensils and smaller items can be loaded in the third basket.

Innovative multi-digit display

The informative text display disappears when the machine is not in use, for a clean, uncluttered design.

Energy efficiency A+++

This dishwasher offers A+++ energy efficiency class, giving you energy savings up to 25% more than standard A+ dishwasher.

Start delay 1-23 hours


Dynamic 24cm wide slimline dishwasher

10 place settings

Our slimline dishwasher is ideal when space is at a premium, and this dishwasher allows you to load up to 10 place settings.

Start delay

This option allows you to delay the start of the wash for three, six or nine hours.

Super eco button

The super eco button provides an average energy and time saving of 25% depending on the wash cycle. It will reduce the water intake, temperature and the drying time during the final rinse.

Energy efficiency A++

This dishwasher is extremely energy efficient and has been awarded A++ energy class, therefore saving energy and contributing to environmental benefits.

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5 steps to improve your work-life balance

November 9, 2018

67We all deserve to have time off and get away from the daily stresses of work life. Here are a few tips to help you boost your wellbeing and allow for time to spend on hobbies, interests and enjoying family time at home.

Step away from your emails

The struggle of switching off and disconnecting ourselves from our work life after hours can be hard, but recent studies have found that checking emails once we have left for the day can be damaging to our mental health. This study along with many others has found that 40% of us check our emails outside office hours. Allow yourself to leave work at work and respond to emails when you are next in the office – this will allow you to spend more at home or doing an enjoyable hobby.

Make time for yourself


Whilst you may love your job, which is an important part of fulfilment in life, it shouldn’t consume every second! From outdoor activities and sport to reading or cooking, it’s essential to take part in hobbies to wind down. Cooking can be fantastic way to relax, as well as promoting a more positive relationship with food. Why not set aside some time for yourself to make a delicious meal using Hoovers Vision Oven? To help you with recipe inspiration and cooking techniques, our stylish, innovative Vision oven is the perfect kitchen companion.

Understand there is no ‘perfect’ work-life balance

Even though you might think someone has a perfect balance, it’s likely to be carefully, realistically managed. The best thing to do is to strive for a sensible schedule and not a ‘perfect’ schedule. Some days this may mean working a little more than others, while on other days you might have more time to relax on the sofa with loved ones or pursue your hobbies. Cramming in a trip to the gym might simply be a step too far on certain busy days – don’t beat yourself up.

Stop procrastinating

There are always going to be certain tasks in your work life and home life which are challenging, mundane or that you just can’t face doing. However, as soon as these tasks are completed you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief rather than letting the tension build up. Our new AXI washing machines are fantastic for providing useful tips and hints for stain removal and can be controlled using voice activation via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so that ever-growing pile of washing can be easily tackled.


Why do we always make things so complicated? If one way works for you then don’t change it! Sometimes the extra work we set ourselves is unnecessary. This is where the Vision Oven can help by allowing you to check on your food whilst putting your feet up, using the built in HD camera to check on its progress. Embrace the simpler ways of life and cooking!

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