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4 essential tips to boost your WiFi at home

October 17, 2017

As so many of us have electronic devices in our homes which can be connected to WiFi, it’s not uncommon to run into problems with signal strength and internet speed from time to time. This can cause some slight inconvenience or serious frustration, depending on the severity of the problem. Thankfully there are a number of simple actions you can take to boost your WiFi at home quickly and cheaply. Here’s four quick fixes:

  1. Pick the right location for the router

Ensuring your router is positioned in the best location possible is absolutely essential to having an efficient and trouble-free WiFi connection in the home. The first thing to do is make sure the router is placed in the centre of the home. The aim of this is to stop the WiFi signal travelling through too many solid surfaces, such as walls, as they can slow down WiFi speeds. If you place the router at one end of the house or in the corner of a room upstairs, you risk affecting the signal strength and speed. Ideally it should be placed centrally, with clear space around it and raised from the floor on a desk or table.

  1. Upgrade your router

You may have fast internet to improve your home WiFi, but if you’re using an old router this will slow things down, so buying a new router is something which should be considered. Different features such as ethernet ports and the number of antennae the router has impact a router’s speed, and there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to choosing new hardware. Take a look at this roundup of some of the best routers around.

  1. Turn devices off

Devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones shouldn’t be left on all the time – they benefit from being switched off occasionally. If they’re constantly online, the connections can become ‘tired’ and less efficient. Simply switching devices off a little more regularly will make a huge difference.

  1. Get a WiFi extender

If you’ve tried all the above and you’re still struggling to stretch your WiFi signal as far as you’d like, then thankfully there’s still another technological option – the WiFi extender. These handy gadgets boost WiFi connection so you reach those faraway corners of the home or even the garden. Here’s a useful guide to the benefits of a WiFi extender.

If you have any more innovative ways of boosting your WiFi connection then be sure to share them with us on Twitter.

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5 hearty Halloween recipes

October 17, 2017

It might feel like we’ve only just waved goodbye to the summer, but autumn is now in full swing and Halloween is in fact, right around the corner. Often a big hit with children, Halloween is a great way to introduce a bit of fun to the kitchen, so we’ve brought together some recipes to rustle up with family. From a warming soup to hearty casserole and some deliciously indulgent cake, here’s five recipes to draw inspiration from if you’re going to be getting up to some wizardry in the kitchen.

  1. Pumpkin soup

With autumn’s coolness rolling in, we’re often left craving a hearty soup to warm us up. This is especially great if the kids have been out trick or treating and need to warm up! Pumpkin has a touch of subtle sweetness which children will love. It couldn’t be easier to make – simply cook chopped onions and the pumpkin flesh on a gentle heat for 10 minutes, before adding stock to the pan and simmering. Finally, add some double cream, purée with a hand blender and some with some crusty wholemeal bread.

  1. Nutty toffee apples

An all-time classic, these toffee apples are the perfect evening treat and an easy way to give Halloween at home a special vibe with minimal effort. Dipping the apples in boiling water will get rid of their waxy coating to help the caramel to stick – once this is done you can make the caramel. Here’s a great recipe to help you perfect the caramel and coat the apples. Once coated, dip the apples in a bowl of pistachios to add an extra bit of luxury.

  1. Sausage and pumpkin casserole

Another dish to embrace autumn and the Halloween pumpkin, this casserole recipe is a great opportunity to pack a load of wholesome vegetables into your children’s meal without much fuss. Alongside your choice of vegetables and sausage, fresh sage is a brilliant way to accompany pork with a lovely rich flavour. Good quality sausages are also essential here, so it’s certainly worth heading down to the butchers to see what’s on offer.

  1. Halloween cupcakes

Cupcakes’ simplicity makes them great to bake and decorate with children. The decorations are an obvious attraction for kids, so you’ll have to get creative with some chocolate, buttercream, icing and sweets! If you’re short of spooky inspiration, you can find some brilliant cupcake ideas here.

  1. Chocolate and pumpkin cake

Finally, you can truly satisfy the sweet tooth cravings with a big slice of cake for some well-deserved indulgence. Although pumpkin may seem like more of a savoury ingredient, it’s actually a fantastic addition to a cake mixture. There are plenty of different recipes combining chocolate and pumpkin, from chocolate chip flecked loaves to fully indulgent, layered cakes with rich buttercream like this one!

If you consider yourself a wizard in the kitchen, then our Wizard app is available to give you a helping hand. Wizard was created to use in conjunction with our range of Wi-Fi and NFC-enabled appliances.

Do you have any special Halloween recipes? Be sure to share them with us on Twitter!

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6 ways to keep cool at home this summer

August 11, 2017

We all love to soak up the rays, enjoy the sunshine and top up your vitamin D, but when the sweltering heat gets a little bit too much, we’ve got the perfect set of heat-defying remedies for you.

From DIY air-con hacks to simple changes in the home, we’ve got you covered. You can stop worrying about over-heating and enjoy the sunny weather (when it’s here!)

  1. Create your own DIY air-con

If you’re not blessed with an actual air conditioning unit, you might have to get practical to fashion an alternative. If you’re really struggling with the heat, it doesn’t take too much effort, fortunately. For some quick cooling action, simply fill a bowl with ice and position it in front of a large fan (not too close!) to provide you with homemade cooling to rival any beachfront breeze.

  1. Swap your sheets

Being too hot at night is one of the worst aspects of warm weather, especially if it results in trouble sleeping. Switching up your bedding is a great way to freshen your bedroom for summer and when it comes to fabrics cotton is a great choice – it’s breathable and stays cooler than heavier alternatives.

  1. Close your blinds

If you’ve been out all day enjoying the sunshine, there’s nothing worse than coming home to relax and cool off only to find that your house is even hotter than it is outside! If you’re out of the house for the day, it’s best to keep your blinds closed to avoid the sunlight heating up your home.

  1. Eat spicy food

Even if the heat has dented your appetite, you should fight the urge to just survive on ice cold drinks because when you’re feeling hot and bothered, a spicy dish is the way forward. Spicy food makes you sweat, which speeds up your body’s cooling down process.

  1. Freeze a sponge

Once you’ve tried this brilliant cooling hack, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to discover it. To prepare for the summer heatwaves, soak a fresh sponge in water and leave it in the freezer to call on when required. It’ll cool you down in seconds without getting you soaked!

  1. Cool your pulse points

It’s always handy to keep a bag of ice in your freezer, some for your refreshing drinks and some for cooling yourself down! If you’re looking for a quick cooling fix, apply an ice pack to your wrists, neck, feet or the back of your knees for fast and effective relief.

Now you know how to keep yourself cool at home, you need to keep make sure your food is suitably chilled. Take a look at our range of innovative frost free or static fridge freezers in a variety of height and widths to suit everybody’s needs.

Got any more hacks for staying cool this summer? Share them with us on Twitter.

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5 family friendly meals for the summer

August 11, 2017

It’s easy to forget the importance of nutrition amidst fun and games in the sun, but maintaining energy levels is just as important as keeping active. We’ve compiled a few recipes that should appeal to all the family.

  1. Prawn stir fry with udon noodles

Available at most supermarkets and Eastern-Asian stores, udon noodles provide a great energy boost with easily-digestible complex carbohydrates whilst prawns provide your dose of vitamins E and B-12. Pre-made stir fry vegetable packs and sauces make this a no-mess and no-hassle meal. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing finely sliced ginger, coriander, garlic and fresh chillies with soy sauce and a teaspoon of sugar for a delicious authentic sauce. Simply cook the prawns, add desired vegetables, udon noodles and your freshly made sauce for an Asian taste for all the family.

  1. Mince fajitas

Wrapping up fajitas makes for a fun and flavoursome sit-down meal, which is hearty and full of vegetables. These Mexican delights have been something of a staple in U.K households in recent times thanks to the abundance of all-in-one fajita boxes, and for good reason. Sweat an onion, add lean mince and vegetables and season with fajita mix. The beauty with this one comes with the sides and sauces, slice onion, tomato and fresh chillies for a fresh salsa, mash avocado and squeeze lime for guacamole or mix chives and sour cream for a heartier addition. Put everything out on the table and dig in!

  1. Jerk or piri-piri Chicken

Add a spicy protein element to your summer meals. Sunstroke and overheating can happen easily if you’re out in the sun all day, but adding some real spice to your diet might help you hold out a little longer than usual. Sweating is the body’s way of releasing excess heat and some hot foods can work wonders for your sun stamina. For some delicious spicy chicken, simply mix your desired marinade (we suggest jerk or piri-piri if you can handle it) with some drumsticks or thighs, place in the oven, put a timer on and go enjoy the sun. Serve with rice or chips, fresh coleslaw and vegetables. Although this will work wonders for your heat on the inside, don’t forget to wear sunscreen on the outside!

  1. Smoked Fish Pasta

A perfect vehicle for some omega-3 and carbohydrates, smoked fish pasta is a light and easy meal that’ll have the whole family going back for seconds. Smoked fish comes in packets and is easily available, smoked mackerel fillets or smoked salmon make for a perfect accompaniment to most pasta and vegetable combos. Cook the pasta, add crème fraiche and greens and mix in your smoked fish. Sometimes the simpler options are the best, and this is definitely one of those occasions.

  1. Halloumi flatbreads

Halloumi is becoming more and more commonplace in UK households. Although slightly high in sodium, this Cypriot delight is an excellent, healthy, vegetarian option that definitely doesn’t lack in taste. The salty, versatile flavour suits a range of sauces and accompaniments. Try it with tomato and rocket salad, coriander and mint and yoghurt sauce for a real taste of the Mediterranean. Make as a hearty salad or add to toasted flatbreads for a more filling option. Thank us later.

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5 summer essentials for the perfect British picnic

August 10, 2017

The classic British picnic… what better way is there to enjoy a sunny weekend’s afternoon than enjoying food and the countryside with family and friends? So, when you’re preparing for your big day out, what types of food do you tend to go for? Finger foods and refreshing summer flavours are usually the order of the day, so we’ve pulled together a few essential recipes to ensure you’re fully prepared when the time comes!

  1. Quiche Lorraine

An absolute all-time favourite, especially for a sun-drenched summer’s day, quiche is a delightful option. For a lovely homemade version, simply beat eggs, cream and milk together with cheese and nutmeg, then add some cooked bacon before pouring the mixture into a baked pastry case and cooking for around 40 minutes until the filling is set, puffed and golden. Delicious!

  1. Pork pies

Not many foods scream summer picnic like a mini pork pie, served with a tangy chutney. To rustle up your own, line the holes of a muffin tin with hot water crust pastry, then it’s time to add the filling. For the filling, try combining lean pork mince, with a finely chopped onion, nutmeg, mustard powder and Worcestershire sauce. Then it’s time to place pastry lids over the pies and brush with beaten egg before baking.

  1. Mini sausage rolls

Always a great party food option, mini sausage rolls are easy to prepare in advance and are so much tastier than their shop-bought counterparts. For the meat filling, add garlic, parsley and sausage meat to a food blender, then season. Then you just need to wrap the meat in ready-rolled puff pastry and you’re ready to bake. Take a look at this recipe for some tips on the pastry.

  1. Classic scones

Once you’ve filled up with savoury bites, you’ll want a sweet treat to finish up your feast and light, crumbly scones tick all the picnic boxes. Mix flour, salt and baking powder, then add butter and rub until the mixture looks like fine crumbs. Add vanilla and lemon juice to lightly warmed milk, then add to the dry mix. Then it’s time to work the dough, cut into shapes and bake for 10 minutes. Make sure you pack some strawberries, jam and clotted cream to fully complement your perfectly baked scones.

  1. Elderflower, mint and lime cooler

Picnicking is thirsty work, especially when you’re enjoying the (hopefully) glorious British sunshine. You’ll need a tasty drink to keep you cool and refreshed, so try preparing an elderflower, mint and lime cooler to add the final touches to your picnic feast. All you need is some elderflower cordial, fresh lime, mint sprigs and some soda water along with a few ice cubes. If you’re feeling like you fancy an extra kick, gin is the perfect addition to this fresh combination!

Of course, it’s best to prepare your food the night before and store it in the fridge. At Hoover, we’ve put our experience to work and developed a stylish new generation of innovative Wizard

Wi-Fi refrigeration products that combines futuristic intelligence, practical features, like an alarm to tell you if someone’s forgotten to close the fridge door ensuring that all your food stays as fresh as possible.

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Family Activities – 5 things to do in the garden

July 31, 2017

There are plenty of activities to get stuck into as a family so don’t waste these summer months on the sofa! Keeping the family active doesn’t have to mean long walks away from home or trips to the pool. Here’s a few things you can do to make the most of the sunshine and get active in the garden.

1. Give badminton a shot

Cheap and readily available Badminton kits means the garden becomes the court in a flash with a quick and easy set up. Endless fun and easy to pick up, Badminton encourages fair competition and helps teach children hand-eye coordination. Keeping everybody fit and active is just as important as relaxing in the sun! A classic, there’s a reason it’s still popular two centuries on.

2. Keep busy with a bee house

Bee’s keep the world turning but sadly we’re losing them at an alarming rate. Without them we face losing a majority of our precious fruit and vegetables. By building a make-shift bee nest you can do your bit to help and have some fun along the way.

Grab a terracotta plant pot, some bamboo sticks or straws and cut them to size (parents), seal the bottom of the pot with modelling clay and stick your sticks or straws in. Once it’s finished, personalise it with flowers and foliage and place it in a corner of the garden and watch them settle. Don’t worry, they’re more scared of you than you are of them.

3. Grow your own fun

Planting fruit and vegetables is a great group task as there are enough jobs to do for everybody, and it’s a chance for children to learn responsibility and take care of their chosen plants. Once the fruit or veg is ready you can harvest them and enjoy the results as a family, showing that the effort pays off. It can be hard to get children to eat well so getting them involved in the process early is a real benefit.

4. Garden Totem Poles

Why not work together on an alternative garden decoration? Sand down some old wood and carve some patterns to make an Aboriginal or Mayan inspired template, again for safety this should be done by an adult! Once carved, hand over to the children to paint and design. This kind of activity encourages some creativity and artistry, working towards a common goal and celebrating the results – something the kids will definitely remember fondly! Once summer’s over you can put it up in the house, providing it’s not too scary.

5. Hose pipes at the ready

Everyone remembers the fun of a water fight. Water fights are a great way to get out stresses and frustrations in a harmless environment for siblings and partners alike. Remember a grass garden is ideal from a safety point of view. There are countless things you can get involved in the fun; water guns, the hose pipe (if it’s got extra settings you’re in for a winner) and water balloons. Playing pong with buckets and a tennis ball is a good way to integrate a bit more competition, losers get the bucket tipped over them.

If you have any innovative ways of passing the time with the kids this summer when why not share them with us over on twitter.



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9 things to think about when choosing a vacuum cleaner

July 14, 2017

The average adult with cleaning responsibilities spends four hours and seven minutes cleaning their home every week. Time is precious, and whether you love cleaning or hate it, it’s essential to make sure your vacuum is right for you. With the abundance of options on the market it’s easy to get lost in the features and the terminology. That’s why we’re offering our expert advice on what you should consider when choosing your next vacuum cleaner.

  1. Pets & allergies

Pets, dust and pollen can cause health problems and with summer in full swing there’s some distressing months ahead for hay fever sufferers. Particles, mites and bacteria can take over upholstery quickly in older households and you need to know if yours is prone to this. With the variation in filtration technology you can tailor your filter grading to your requirements. Our pets models are all you need for tackling pet hairs and stubborn mess.

  1. Size & weight

It’s important to consider how much you can handle. If you’re going to be cleaning for a long time a heavy vacuum can cause aches and back problems but could also save time in covering larger surface areas. Manoeuvrability can be essential, if you’ve got radiators and awkward small spaces you’d have trouble with larger vacuums.

  1. Type

Tracking the jargon – Upright vacuums excel in cleaning carpet and pile by brushing and don’t require much back bending due to their size. Cylinders are better for hard floors and upholstery, they’re usually smaller and help you get to those tricky spaces.

  1. Energy usage

Being green is more important than ever, we’re fortunate in the advancement of our technology that we can keep providing eco-friendly alternatives. The cost of the tech can often be absorbed by the energy efficiency so it’s worth weighing up the balance.

  1. Bag or bagless

Dust bags are an easy and hygienic option for disposing of the waste and stop bacteria escaping but can be costly to replace. There have been significant advancements in bagless technology which means that less dust and dirt is able to escape the chambers, this makes for easier cleaning and removal. Bagless also means you can see what’s going inside so you can find anything small you clean up by accident.

  1. Capacity

A benefit of larger capacity, of course, means you don’t have to empty the vacuum often making for an easy cleaning session. If cleaning every day is your thing you’re likely to save yourself time being able to cover more ground in one go.

  1. Corded or cordless

Latest cordless technology means charging times and run time are optimized for longer cleaning sessions, our stick range starts at an affordable £69.99 with the Capsule Cordless Stick Vacuum with handheld options around £30. It’s essential to consider how much you could clean in the run-time, it’s estimated that the average person vacuums for 28 minutes each session. Thanks to retractable leads, a happy medium can also be achieved at affordable prices without the hassle of winding up wires.

  1. Extras

There’s a plethora of vacuums with extra features emerging onto the market. Handheld dust-buster and turbo-tool attachments help you get the best of both worlds and bacteria destroying UV lights make for more hygienic carpets and visibility.

  1. Value

Added extras and personalisation can be costly. Thankfully, the wide variation in vacuums means you can find the right fit for you without breaking the bank.

Here at Hoover we’re all about innovation. We’re keen to hear what you consider when buying a vacuum so we can make your buying experience as good as possible, you can find us on Twitter here.

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6 home organisation tips you need to know

June 12, 2017
Stacked pans

Summer is finally here and these easy organisation tips will ensure that your home stays tidy, leaving you more time to enjoy the hot weather and long summer days.

1. Keep shoes in the hallway

Walking through the house with your shoes on should always be a big no-no, as you’re just asking for dirty floors and carpets. The simplest way to avoid trailing dirt and mud into your home is to leave your shoes at the door. Of course, a nice rack or cupboard to store your shoes will save you from the dreaded messy pile of shoes.

2. Give your keys a specific storage place

There are few things more frustrating than misplacing your car keys when you’re in a rush and desperately need to leave the house. Which jacket were you wearing last? Have you dropped them? Are they down the side of the sofa? It may sound obvious, but having a specific place to hang or store your keys will save you inevitable stress.

3. Nest your pots and pans

When your kitchen is clean and tidy, your surfaces are spotless and you’ve cleared out any unwanted items, the last thing you want is messy cupboards. As pots and pans are notoriously difficult to store, nesting them according to their size will help prevent clutter.

4. Hang kitchen utensils

The kitchen is full of necessities and essential items, which we often use every day, so it’s more prone to clutter. As utensils can be cumbersome and messy, hanging them can save valuable space. Hanging on a rail above the hob or on the inside of a cupboard door are good options.

5. Upcycle glass jars

Both practical and quirky, keeping hold of glass jars with a secure lid is a great little DIY trick for storing dry foods and spices. Rather than having messy cupboards full of plastic packs of rice, cous cous and pasta, glass jars will help you keep that extra touch of neatness in the kitchen.

6. Use a magnetic knife strip

Kitchen knives are another set of items which see everyday use, especially if you see yourself as a bit of a home chef! Fitting a magnetic strip to store your knives is the perfect way to maintain neatness, and its practical too.

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7 technological treasures every smart home needs!

June 12, 2017
Hoover Wizard Wifi ipad app

Technology is everywhere, it has come a long way over the past few years and now more and more homes are being upgraded to ‘smart homes’. This year, the popularity of connected technology within the home is expected to surge dramatically, and whilst there may still be room for expansion, many experts have dubbed 2017 as the year of the smart home. Below, we delve a little deeper into some of the hottest pieces of tech around…

1. it Bed

It’s not just the kitchen that we’ll be covering in this blog either, with the introduction of Sleep Number’s it Bed, nodding off to sleep after a hard day’s work just got a whole lot easier too. The it Bed is again controlled by a single app on your smart phone or tablet, and gives you the ability to alter how firm or how soft the bed is, allowing one side to remain as strong as a rock whilst on the other side, it will feel like your floating on a cloud.

Another cool feature of the app is that it tracks how well you sleep and updates your personal fitness tracker. Unfortunately, this product is tricky to come by in the UK – but we have a feeling 2017 is the year when other manufacturers will start following suit.

2. August Smart Lock

Upgrading to a smart home means a much comfier home, but a smart home also means a much safer home too – which leads us on to the August Smart Lock. The app for this device allows you to lock and unlock your door remotely, and create virtual keys for guests whilst also carrying the ability to see and speak with guests remotely as well.

How many times have you stood at your doorstep, with bags full of shopping, struggling to dig out your key from your back pocket? Imagine how easy it would be if your door automatically unlocked as you approach. The August Smart Lock does just that! Of course, the best feature might be the fact that you can delete guest access at any time (for visiting relatives that might’ve overstayed their welcome) and set specific time lengths for short-term access – ideal for anyone operating an Airbnb.

3. Ring Stick Up Cam

For added security, the Ring Stick Up Cam is proving popular with smart-buyers and promises homeowners a complete ‘Ring of Security’ and a ‘complete peace of mind’. Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be able to listen, see and speak to people on your camera. The camera is weather resistant and can be operated by a solar panel – meaning no wires and extra battery life. It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and a 13ft USB cable, meaning you can capture footage from any angle – both inside and out.

Some cool features that this product offers are infrared night-vision, custom motion zones and live view on-demand video and audio. If you want to go that one step further, Ring offers a series of video recording plans which allow you to access your videos ‘anytime, anywhere’ and means you can save your recordings for up to six months.

4. Hoover Wizard

The first complete family of WiFi enabled appliances which allows you to control your oven, hob, hood, fridge freezer, and even a selection of washing machines and dishwashers, via one single app. If you’ve ever made the fatal error of putting a wash on early in the morning and then not returned until several hours later resulting in a smelly, damp heap of clothing – then Hoover Wizard is the thing of dreams. It means we no longer have to be at home to stay in control.

The Hoover Wizard WiFi app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, and allows users to monitor their energy consumption and keep track of the status of their programmes. We personally love that this means no more waiting for the oven to pre-heat. Setting it going a few minutes before we arrive home means we’re one step closer to food!

5. Phillips Hue

Meet Hue. Phillips’ personal wireless lighting tech that comes in all shapes and sizes such as table lamps, light strips, bulbs and hanging light shades, and the brightness and colour of which can be controlled with a simple swipe on your smart phone. Hue offers a massive 16 million colours which will transform your everyday lightning, creating awesome experiences for you and your family.

Phillips Hue comes with a dimmer switch, motion sensor and the ability to connect 50 lights to the app at once, allowing for a mix of atmospheres right under one roof. Whether it’s a party, movie night or a romantic evening in for two – Phillips Hue will enhance any experience and allow you to capture the moment, storing a combination of settings so you can revisit any scene in the future.

6. Sonos

Once the lighting is in place, you’ll need music – and Sonos is probably the finest piece of kit out there that allows users to connect to various speakers throughout the home and play multiple songs in different rooms at once. This will prove you very popular if you’re hosting a party – instantly transforming your home into your very own night club. You can also use Sonos to sync to Spotify and even play vinyl collections. If you’re being visited by fellow Sonos users, they too can pick a room, pick a song and play DJ as well.

Sonos has a variety of speakers available too, ranging from its basic PLAY:1 model to the (somewhat more expensive) PLAYBASE model which produces a formidable sound through your TV. Get the party started simply by downloading Sonos on your smartphone, tablet or even your desktop too!

7. Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor

Your smart home wouldn’t be complete without a smart garden, and Parrot’s Flower Power Plant Monitor is the perfect final touch to upgrading to a smart house. It comes with an incredible sensor that assesses your plant’s needs and sends alerts to your smartphone, keeping track of your plant’s health and sending updates when you need to give your little green friends some more attention. The monitor analyses the four parameters essential to your plant’s health and sends you a notification when it needs more sunlight, an adjusted temperature, extra fertilizer and water.

If you’re worried it won’t recognise your rare and exotic flowers, the app comes with a 7,000 database , so it’s highly likely your plants will get all the lovin’ they need. Tech-savvy plant lovers are sure to have the lushest, greenest gardens around this Summer!

How many of these technological treasures do you have? Get your upgrade started right away and beat your neighbours to having the smartest home on the block.

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