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How to save money on home improvements

April 18, 2019

Whether you want to improve your home to add value or just make it fit your personal style, it’s easy for the costs to build up. However, with careful planning and some considered decision-making, it’s possible to achieve your ideal renovation project whilst saving money. Read on for our top five tips to make the most out of your budget when carrying out improvement projects.

Take your time

Taking on home improvements is no mean feat, so it’s important to take time to consider your decisions. Weigh up the pros and cons of any renovations, thinking about if this will add both monitory or personal value to your home before taking the plunge. Don’t forget to shop around, looking at several stores and websites before finalising purchases, whether that be for a kitchen refit or choosing the perfect photo frames, as these comparisons will ensure you’re getting the best.

Create and stick to a budget

Planning is key to saving money on home improvements. Deciding on how your budget will be split, such as across structural renovation work or on internal fixtures and fittings, is essential. Once you have decided how to split your finances you can think of more ways to save. For example, would it be more cost effective to make a new room out of existing space rather than investing in an extension?

When taking on any home improvement project it’s important to create a realistic budget. To be extra cautious it’s suggested that you work out predicted costs and then double it. Although this may seem slightly extreme, having financial wiggle room will provide a buffer for any arising issues and prevent cost-cutting that may lead to more spends down the line.

Do it yourself – invest in DIY equipment

If you’re really committed to saving money, taking part in a spot of DIY is often a good option. With the help of YouTube, there isn’t much you can’t teach yourself, so if you have the time there’s no reason you can’t become a Do It Yourself pro. Small jobs such as painting, putting up shelves and grouting are all achievable, simple ways to save. To make projects easier and quicker, investing in the correct tools is advised, but don’t forget to do your research to find the best value products.

Be smart about hiring help

Although DIY will help you save money, there are some jobs where you should bring in the professionals. For big renovations or remodels, plumbers and electricians are often required, and as previously discussed – shop around! Before hiring a skilled worker read lots of reviews and take personal recommendations, as well as attaining several quotes.

Decide what smart tech is worth buying

As the Internet of Things rapidly becomes domesticated, it’s no surprise that we now must consider integrating smart tech as part of our home improvements. Although smart appliances may not be the first things that come to mind when on a budget, investing in innovative technology will help to futureproof your home so you won’t have to replace them prematurely. From AI-enhanced washing machines which can talk to you to help you decide on the best wash programme to use to the Wi-Fi-connected Vision oven complete with an interactive touchscreen, we’re ready to help you step into the future with a range of innovative connected appliances.

Home improvements can be a messy job, but you can take the stress out of the clean-up with a lightweight, cordless vacuum such as the H-Free C300. Great for cleaning surfaces in every room, underneath furniture and above doors, it also comes with a wall-mount. This means you can store it neatly along with its tools, ready to grab and blitz away the debris from your projects, big or small.

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