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Introducing the energy-saving hybrid tumble dryer

April 26, 2018

We make it our mission to make appliances that provide new solutions for the demands of the ever-evolving modern household. With laundry in mind, we set to work on our most innovative drying appliance yet; it’s called the Dynamic Next 10kg Hybrid Tumble Dryer, and we’re delighted to announce this state-of-the-art extension to an already much-loved range, helping you take care of the laundry with new levels of efficiency.

What are the benefits of Heat Pump Tumble Drying?

Offering the best of both worlds, the hybrid tumble dryer combines modern, energy-efficient, heat pump technology with a traditional condenser dryer. The innovative blend of both technologies means the model uses significantly less energy than other tumble dryers, but can also offer fast drying programmes if required. Heat pump models are more efficient than conventional dryers, temperatures are 35% lower and they use over 50% less energy, which not only saves money but helps take care of your clothes, keeping them in a good condition for longer.

How it works

Unlike conventional tumble dryers which expel the hot air used to dry the clothes, Heat pump technology cleverly conserves and reuses it.  During the drying process hot air circulating inside the drum absorbs moisture from the clothes. The air travels through the evaporator which extracts the moisture, this is then transferred to the in-door Aquavision water collection system for easy emptying. With a 10kg capacity, the appliance also utilises sensors inside the drum, which help protect and care for the garments, preventing damage from over drying.

Useful Technology

This trailblazing appliance also Wi-Fi technology for remote-controlled programming, as well as NFC tap-to-connect options, both of which can be controlled via an app on smart phones or tablets. This added connectivity lets you download new programmes, keep an eye on energy consumption as well as being able to check drying progress remotely or stop and start the machine when you want, giving you the freedom to arrange your laundry around your schedule, ensuring it’s never the other way around.

You can read more about the new Dynamic Next 10g Hybrid Tumble Dryer here.


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