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Kitchen design trends for your summer home renovation plans

June 4, 2019

Whether your current kitchen needs a complete overhaul, or you simply want to refresh a tired scheme, there are plenty of new and exciting kitchen design trends for 2019.

From curved edges, fluted glass and exposed kitchen storage through to state-of-the-art appliances, there is plenty of choice whatever your personal style is.

Fluted glass

A trend that keeps making an appearance, fluted glass, is a revival firmly cemented in kitchen design. A great option if you are wanting to give your kitchen a quick update, fluted glass is best used on cabinetry. Providing plenty of texture and interest, it can help to bounce light around while still providing plenty of simplicity for contemporary design. Oh, and it offers a certain degree of privacy, so if you’re cupboards aren’t the tidiest, this is the option for you.

Smart appliances

Own an Amazon Alexa or Google Home? Well get ready to start controlling your kitchen appliances using it! 2019 is set to be the year when we fully adopt smart technology into our home, and the opportunities it presents are plentiful.

For your cooking needs, Hoover Vision is the perfect companion, allowing you to store your favourite recipes or browse the internet for new ones. Hoover Vision is also equipped with an integrated HD camera, meaning cooking can be monitored remotely via a tablet or smartphone through the Hoover Wizard app. Learn more about Vision’s innovative capabilities here.

We have also recently launched our first collection of artificial intelligence-led kitchen appliances – the Hoover AXI range. Full of lifestyle-friendly and time-saving features, users will be able to activate their washing machine using voice technology, while the AI aspect will take into account the weather forecast as well as knowing the best wash programmes for the type of laundry and tips for stain removal.

Patterned flooring

This trend has been around for a while and it continues to play a prominent role when it comes to the finishing touches of your kitchen design. Geometric patterns still remain the go-to pattern, but we’re seeing a wave of new colourways with a focus on blue and teal.

Patterned flooring can come in the form of many different materials, so think carefully which will suit your lifestyle best. Vinyl can be a cheaper option, while ceramic tiles are mid-market and porcelain high-end. The great thing about porcelain is that it can be used outside, so you can continue your patterned flooring to merge two spaces.

Benches and banquet seating

We know that having a kitchen island features on most people’s wish list when it comes to kitchen design, but a new trend is emerging for informal dining.

Built-in benches and booths are now the go-to seating option for kitchens, as we spend more time living in them. Maximising available space, this style of seating offers a more comfortable choice over bar stools at a kitchen island and provides plenty of opportunity to relax.

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