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Nature-inspired interior design for your home

June 4, 2019

Natural interiors are hugely popular within interior design and are a great way of making your home feel connected to the great outdoors. Nature inspired hues and textures, along with organic materials such as wood, cotton, leather and bamboo are firmly cementing their selves as go-to materials.

Working natural colours into your home

Foster a sense of serenity in your home with natural shades of ecru, ochre, beige, cream and grey as the backdrop to your design scheme. For those with a love of colour, these shades also make a great backdrop for a scattering of colour.

To make sure it still works, choose accessories inspired by the outdoors, opt for azure pieces to replicate the sea and sky, while the colour green is a nod to leaves, trees and plants. For those who want to make a bolder statement, yellow is reminiscent of a ray of sun, or a bunch of fresh flowers.

Texture is just as important as colour, with the fabric focus on is on velvets and leathers, with materials such as wood, cork and terracotta coming into play with some classic chunky knit too.

Why we are loving plants

Plants provide so much more than a pop of colour. In a time where our connection to nature is diminishing, and with the rise of urban spaces, incorporating elements of nature into our homes has been proven to reduce stress and blood pressure levels, whilst increasing productivity and creativity*!

Filling our homes with a plethora of succulents, cacti, orchids, wreaths and faux flowers is a great way of boosting our mood, and real blooms even act as a natural humidifier. All forms of foliage are great, and even faux plants can make a room come to life.

Go green

While nature-inspired interiors create tranquil spaces in our home, there is also potential to help save the plant. Conserving and looking after the Earth’s precious resources is at the forefront of millennial living, and a renewed interest in finding products that have been recycled and used in new ways, reclaimed from other building projects or repurposed into new functions.

Recycled furniture and materials can also have a rustic, worn look which closely follows what we’d expect to find within nature and is a great way of instantly bringing the outdoors in.

Finishing touches

Bringing nature indoors doesn’t mean you have to completely redecorate. Adding a few finishing touches to your home can add instant impact and create a soothing environment. A great way of doing this is to update accessories throughout your home.

Setting your dining table using texture – table linen with tactile surfaces such as woven place mats – can bring a natural feel, while a sprinkle of foliage completes the look.

In the bathroom, invest in luxury cotton towels, and add in smaller details, such a wooden toothbrush holders and soap dispensers.

Bedrooms should be kept free of clutter so careful consideration as to what accessories work best are crucial. A textured rug is the ideal finishing touch in a bedroom, great underfoot in the morning and an easy way to pull together the natural interior design feel.

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*Research conducted by The World Health Organisation

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