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7 top tips to keep your tumble dryer in tip-top condition

May 16, 2019

Making your life easier is at the heart of what we do. Our tumble dryers are straightforward to operate, but it’s important to remember that they require a few regular health checks, which you can do yourself, in order to ensure that your appliance is working to its full potential.

Regardless of whether you have a condenser (where the water reservoir is within the product), vented (where water is extracted through a tube via an external wall or window), heat pump (they use 50% less energy as temperatures are 30% lower) or hybrid model (a traditional condenser dryer with modern, energy-efficient, heat pump technology), there are many elements to appliance maintenance which are important to carry out.

Clean the lint filter

Lint filters should be cleaned after every use, simply by gently ‘scraping’ lint from the internal surface of the filter. Failure to do this will result in a build up of lint which has the potential to cause a fire.

The filter is usually located just inside the door, rim or behind a panel at the front of the dryer, but you must make sure the appliance has cooled down before you clean it.

Running the filter under the tap or giving it the once over with a vacuum cleaner will ensure its extra clean, but remember if it’s wet, it must be dry before putting it back in place.

Lighten the load

Overloading the tumble dryer will make the appliance ineffective because clothes won’t be able to move freely around the drum. It’ll use more energy too, so try not to load too much into the dryer so that the clothes can make the most of the hot air.

Ensure the pockets are empty and the clothes are clean

Leaving coins or lighters in pockets can be very dangerous in a washing machine or tumble dryer, so make sure all pockets are emptied before washing or drying.

If you’re using your tumble dryer to freshen up clothes, its important that they are clean before running a cycle. Residue including cooking oil, acetone or alcohol can be flammable, so we recommend that such clothing is thoroughly washed before putting in the tumble dryer.

Check the water reservoir regularly (condenser dryers only)

Whilst some models collect excess water within a canister in the appliance door, which is therefore easy to monitor, most reservoirs are hidden within the appliance casing, usually within the plinth.

The amount of water collected will depend on regularity of use and dampness of clothes, so it’s important to check and empty little and often as it can be difficult to carry a canister full of water across the kitchen.

Check the sockets

Dust build-up on the plug socket can pose a fire risk, so make sure you pull the tumble dryer out every now and again to keep the area dust-free.

Clean the heat exchanger (condenser dryers only)

Often located behind the bottom plinth, the easiest way to clean the heat exchanger is to give it a rinse – either in a large sink, bath/shower or with the garden hose.

Water will remove any fluff, however it’s important to make sure it’s dry before putting it back, so leave it in a safe place to dry naturally or use a towel to speed up the process.

Choose the right location

Tumble dryers can cause humidity, so situating it in a place with good ventilation will reduce the chance of the appliance overheating. Dryers located in a warm room will use less energy and those in a cold area will use more, so this should be a consideration for energy-conscious consumers.

In addition to maintaining a tumble dryer, you can use it to freshen up clothes too, as well as remove creases from shirts. To do the latter, pop a couple of ice cubes in the drum, along with the shirts (maximum three) to get them crease-free.

If you’re looking for a new appliance, take a look at our innovative AXI tumble dryer, which uses Artificial Intelligence to understand your voice and laundry habits to deliver a more personalised experience. As the appliance is Wi-Fi connected, you can control and manage all AXI’s functions via the Hoover Wizard App or using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant*.

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