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The dirty truth: The places you probably don’t vacuum

July 26, 2018

It’s human nature that most of us feel the need to clean when we see our homes getting dirty, but what about those places we don’t see? It’s easy to slip into the ‘out of sight out of mind’ attitude when cleaning the home, but you’d be surprised how quickly dust and dirt can gather in the less obvious places.

Hidden dust can exaggerate and even cause respiratory problems and illness, so it’s important to make sure your whole home is clean and fresh, not just the floor and sofa.

Here’s a few places you should be vacuuming in your weekly session.

Under the bed

Have you been wondering why you’ve been sneezing before going to sleep? It’s likely to be the dust balls under your bed! No one can blame you for being lax with the cleaning by the time you’ve reached the bedroom, but it’s essential to make sure you make a quick run under the bed to stop dust collecting. Our cordless vacuums make this much easier, with ultra-manoeuvrability and true flexibility, free from the constraints of cords.

The mattress

Mattresses are a common home for dust mites and bed bugs, and although most people change their bedsheets regularly, it’s important to give the mattress a once over too. Fortunately, we have the solution; a convenient, powerful handheld vacuum specially designed for mattress cleaning, the UltraMatt.


Workspaces can be the worst offenders. Because we are often concentrating or tackling a task at hand, it can be easy to overlook the dust forming at the desk, on the computer and in the drawers. Although these won’t need cleaning as regularly, still be sure to give them a quick vacuum every month.

Drawers and wardrobe

The isolated nature of drawers and wardrobes means they can retain dust for a long time unless cleaned properly. Dust and bacteria in storage areas can transfer onto your clothes and have negative effects on your health or skin. Be sure to include them in your next big cleaning session!

Curtains and windowsill

Long, flowing curtains and the windowsill can easily attract dust and debris which can then become airborne when windows are opened. Although it might seem like an extra chore, it’s always worth the extra minute or two. The flexible and multifunctional nature of our cordless vacuum cleaners makes this job a breeze too, you can browse the range here.

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