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The key benefits of a connected kitchen

August 31, 2018

Innovative Wi-Fi enabled appliances can help support your life with fully connected ease, saving you time and giving you freedom to get on with the more important things. If the kitchen is the heart of your home, why not invest in connected technology to help improve effectiveness and efficiency of everyday chores and, cooking with the family.

Enjoy freedom in the kitchen

If you love cooking and technology, connected appliances and kitchen devices are the ideal gadgets for your smart home. The Vision Oven offers a touchscreen door allowing you to browse recipes and an in-oven camera, so you can check how your dishes are doing without even opening the door! You can build a personal library of your favourite recipes, tutorials and videos for use on the touchscreen door, whilst also monitoring the cooking temperature and time remaining. However, don’t panic if you can’t stay in the kitchen to keep an eye on your meal as you can stay updated through the Hoover Wizard App.

Fits into your lifestyle

It can be easy to forget to turn the dishwasher on when you’re pressed for time, with a to-do list a mile long. Thankfully a connected kitchen gives you the freedom to turn on appliances from your phone, no matter where you are. Both the DYNAMIC MEGA ONE FI dishwasher and AXI washing machines allow you to save your favourite cycles, personalizing time and settings, so you can start them with minimal effort, whilst also adding countless new cycles to stay in tune with your ever-changing needs.

Ultimate efficiency 

Having a connected kitchen allows you to go further than simply controlling your appliances. The Hoover Wizard App can give you real-time alerts, letting you know when your oven needs cleaning, if you’ve accidentally left the fridge door open or even if your dishwasher salt needs replacing. Fridges such as the DYNAMIC HF18XK WiFi also offer a holiday function, ideal for long periods of absence, it allows you to switch off the fridge to save electricity but keeps the freezer running. Meaning not only can smart appliances save you time, they can also help you save money by running efficiently.

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