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Top tips to give you motivation to clean at home

November 12, 2018

We’ve all sat at home and procrastinated in the knowledge that the house is in need of a bit of TLC. Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom… it’s tempting to leave these jobs until tomorrow, but the longer we leave them, the bigger the cleaning tasks become. Once done, we wonder why we ever put them off, so, how can we drive ourselves to stay motivated and clean our homes regularly?

Maintaining a clean and organised home helps us feel better about ourselves. It keeps us proactive and it even helps us to keep fit, but it can be overwhelming if you have a big mess to clean up. Whether there’s too much clutter or you feel stretched for time, to make it a bit less of a chore, we’ve thought of five tips that will motivate you to get started when you’re procrastinating.

Entertain yourself

Listening to music or a podcast whilst doing a chore like cleaning your house is an obvious way to make it more enjoyable and even speed you up. Music can help us improve our mood to help with mundane tasks because our brains release dopamine, the chemical responsible for enjoyment and motivation. With it stimulating the areas of the brain responsible for movement and co-ordination, it might be why we enjoy moving to our favourite songs. So, dance your way through your cleaning chores and you could be enjoying some well-earned relaxation at home in no time.

Set an alarm

Working within a certain timeframe helps make cleaning more manageable, this way you have a clear idea of when you’ll be finished and you won’t get bogged down in worries about how many hours of the day you feel like you’re going to waste. Setting a timer or alarm also helps you stay focused to make cleaning faster and more effective. Housework does not have to be an all-day ordeal – a lot can be done in just half an hour.

Try a new vacuum cleaner

A lot like when you get a new pair of shoes or clothing that you can’t wait to wear, investing in a new product to help your cleaning may motivate you to use it. Older vacuum cleaners tend to be heavy, difficult to manoeuvre and their power cords are prone tangle frustratingly. Our range of innovative cordless vacuums can help you tackle these issues. H-Free cordless vacuum cleaner is great for getting every kind of surface clean, underneath furniture and above doors. They also come with a wall mount which avoids clutter.

Reward yourself

We can sometimes forget to pat ourselves on the back and give ourselves a break, so after completing each task, give yourself a small reward. Have a brew and a biscuit or read the newspaper. Go out for lunch or chill out by watching a film. Next week, when cleaning time comes up again, you’ll know you can relax without the guilt of having procrastinated.

Be ready to invite guests

You may be hesitant about inviting friends and family round to your home if it’s a mess. If you maintain the mentality that people are always welcome to come round, you’ll be motivated to stay on top of your cleaning more regularly to ensure any impromptu guests are welcomed and you can spare any embarrassment. Sometimes, the pressure of other people seeing your home can really drive you to clean up.

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