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Understanding your appliance: Laundry

February 15, 2018

Here at Hoover, we’re proud to offer a broad range of options to help you care for all your laundry needs. From everyday developments to make washing quicker and easier, to forward-thinking innovations such as Wi-Fi connectivity, we have appliances to suit the increasing demands of our busy lives. Our washing machines and washer-dryers have so many innovative, useful features, that we’ve provided a handy list of explanations to ensure that you’re in the know.


OneTouch tap-to-connect laundry appliances

The One Touch, connection system uses NFC technology and works in the same way as contactless payment. Simply download the Hoover Wizard app onto your smartphone and tap the phone onto the control panel to programme a wash, monitor energy consumption, run a health check or even download a new cycle – it couldn’t be easier.

One –Fi Extra washing machines with Wizard App

The Wizard App also controls the exclusive range of Wi-Fi connected appliances that we offer. It’s available on tablets, smartphones and even your PC. Thanks to Wizard, you don’t even have to stay at home to be in control of your Wi-Fi appliances as they can be programmed, activated and monitored remotely from anywhere. With all the benefits of One Touch appliances, Wi-Fi models have even more innovative functionality including real-time updates on programme progress, handy hints and tips as well as important feedback on how the machine is operating. Moreover, thanks to the extra functions found exclusively on the app, you can personalise the way you use your appliances to meet your needs, from shortening wash times, to selecting extra rinses or saving your favourite most frequently-used programmes.

Washing and drying



This innovative laundry care programme, allows you to wash different fabrics and colours together, such as cottons, synthetics and mixed fabrics at only 20°C without the risk of colours running or fabrics being damaged and provides an excellent cleaning performance. Consumption on this programme is about 40% of a conventional 40°C cottons wash.

Hygiene Programme

This programme will remove bacteria or dirt from your clothing, washing them at 60°C. It uses additional water to ensure a full clean wash.

Kg Mode

Kg Mode is the function that weighs the laundry within the first 4 minutes of the programme, adapting the water, energy consumption and cycle time with a scientific precision.

Rapid Wash Programmes

Most Hoover washing machines & washer dryers come with three rapid wash programs – 14 minutes, 30 minutes and 44 minutes. This gives you the option of a quick wash to suit your needs.



This is a water collection system that sits neatly in the door of AquaVision condenser tumble dryers for easy, convenient access. The ergonomic handle makes emptying the water fuss free.

Condenser Tumble Dryer

Condenser dryers separate water droplets from the moist air inside the dryer and collect the water in a container that needs to be emptied after drying. If you are not able to fit an external vent or the appliance is not sited near a window then condenser dryers are more flexible.

Flexible Drying

Drying sensors enable your washer-dryer to adapt its drying cycle to suit your garments, automatically reducing energy consumption to suit the load. Even small loads can be washed and dried regularly with minimal waste of resources.

Sensor Dry

All Hoover tumble dryers come with inbuilt sensors which will measure the moisture content of the load and will stop the cycle when the load is dry. This prevents the machine wasting energy by continuing to dry clothes unnecessarily.

Looking to upgrade your laundry appliances? Explore the full range of appliances here.

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