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Which appliance manufacturer has unveiled a multi-million-pound ad campaign? Hoover, that’s who!

October 31, 2017

Today we’re launching a landmark, multi-million-pound national TV campaign to highlight our smart and innovative range of appliances.

Showcasing our future focus, ‘Hoover, that’s who’ features animated characters and looks at three of our latest and most innovative products – a Hoover One-Fi Extra WiFi connected washing machine, Hoover Vision oven and the Discovery cordless vacuum cleaner.

The commercial which will be on national prime time TV, as well as social and digital platforms, aims to reaffirm our position as an innovative manufacturer and demonstrates how our brand understands customer needs; something we have been championing since in 1908.

Designed to help improve and make people’s lives easier, Hoover products use advanced technology to push the boundaries and discover new solutions to the daily challenges faced by consumers running a home. The campaign focuses on this approach and Hoover’s connected offering.

Innovation has always been at the heart of Hoover, we’ve become well-known in our industry for being market leaders when it comes to innovative technology. In 2015 we were the first UK manufacturer to launch a fully connected WiFi range of kitchen appliances.



The advertising will help us show just how important appliances are to daily life and the considerable benefits that connected products offer. Whether it’s saving time, multitasking or even being able to talk to your washing machine or oven with voice-assist functionality, this technology can make a big difference to people’s lives.

Here at Hoover, we put the customer first and invest more in research and development than any of our competitors, so even though we’re more than 100 years old, we never stop looking to the future.

For information about Hoover’s appliances, please visit www.hoover.co.uk or @Hoover_UK on Twitter.

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